Salik Research Group


Department of Physics and Astronomy at Cal Poly Pomona
3801 W Temple Ave, Pomona, CA 91768, U.S.A.
Office: 8-218, Labs: 3-2005 and 8-212A

Voice: 909-869-3981
Fax: 909-869-5090

Rapid and Cost-effective Optical Sensing

We are developing optical sensors that have applications in various fields. Our sensors can be used to detect very small temperature, strain, and refractive index changes. Our strong emphasis is on biosensors for medical diagnosis, environmental monitoring, food safety, and biodefense. Our projects are truly interdisciplinary bringing together faculty and students from numerous disciplines.

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Recent News and Activities

We have presented two oral and two poster presentations at the 2016 Cal Poly Pomona Research Conference. (March 2016) View the abstracts

One of our group members Joseph Girardini (Aerospace Engineering) has been selected for the ACHIEVE Scholarship Program. (January 2016)

We are presenting two talks at the upcoming Southern California Conference on Undergraduate Research at Harvey Mudd College.. (November 2015)

One of our group members Stephen Alatorre has received the LSAMP Scholarship. (September 2015)

One of our group members Christian Garrido has been selected for the NIH RISE program. (June 2015)

Our paper titled "Biconically Tapered Fiber Optic Probes for Rapid Label-Free Immunoassays" has been published in the journal Biosensors. (April 2015) Download

One of our group members David Vega received an oral presentation award at the Cal Poly Pomona Annual Student Research Conference, and will be one of those representing our campus at the upcoming 29th Annual Cal State University Research Competition in San Bernardino. (March 2015)

Our group members Conor Rowland and Martin Sanchez received a poster presentation award at the Cal Poly Pomona Annual Student Research Conference. (March 2015)

Our submission titled "Biconically tapered fiber optic sensor with ultrahigh sensitivity for biosensing applications" has been accepted for oral presentation at the 2015 SPIE BIOS Conference in San Francisco, CA on February 8, 2015.

Dr. Salik presented a colloquium talk at Cal State Northridge Department of Physics and Astronomy, titled "Interferometric optical fiber sensors and their applications in physical, chemical, and biological sensing." (November 2014)

Conor Rowland, Christian Garrido, Martin Sanchez, and Adrian Ortiz have presented at the Southern California Conference on Undergraduate Research at CSU Fullerton. Their presentations were titled "Highly Sensitive Label-free Biosensors based on Biconically Tapered Fibers" and "Rapid Detection of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus using genetically immobilized fiber optic biosensors." (November 2014)

Tabitha Bailey and Jose Martinez of Citrus College spent their summer in our lab. They presented their research results at a symposium at Cal Poly Pomona. Their summer research was funded by Race to the STEM program at Citrus College of U. S. Department of Education. (August 2014)

Christian Garrido and David Vega of our group have been selected to be McNair Scholars. (July 2014)

Lauren Kim, one of our new members, has received a Kellogg Honors College Summer Research Award. (July 2014)

Prof. Ertan Salik is one of the recipients of the Provost's 2014-15 Teacher-Scholar Award. (July 2014)

We have presented on our tapered fiber biosensor research at the the 15th Annual UC Systemwide Bioengineering Symposium at UC Irvine June 18-20, 2014, in Irvine, CA. Miguel Reyes, Martin Sanchez, and Dr. Salik attended the symposium. Picture

We have presented on our tapered fiber biosensor research at the International Congress on Biosensors May 26-29, 2014, in Melbourne, Australia.

We received CSUPERB Faculty-Student Collaborative Research Grant for our project titled "Ultrasensitive and Robust Fiber Optic Biosensor for Rapid Immunoassays." (April 2014)

Seth Hilliard, a Physics major who has recently joined our group, has been awarded CSUPERB President's Commission Scholarship to do research on gluten detection in food samples on a cell phone. (April 2014)

We received a Kellogg FuTURE Mini Grant for our project titled "Computational Microscope on a Smart Phone with Enhanced Resolution and Field of View." (February 2014)

Martin Sanchez, one of the physics majors in our group, was awarded Kellogg Undergraduate Scholarship (KUSP). for his project titled "Enhancing Sensitivity of tapered fiber sensors by geometry optimization." (February 2014)

We have presented our studies of protein sensing with tapered fiber sensors at the SPIE-BIOS conference in San Francisco, CA on February 2, 2014. Martin Sanchez, one of the physics majors in our group, was awarded travel funding to present at the conference by the Office of Undergraduate Research. (February 2014)

Two members of our group, David Vega,a Physics major, and Miguel Reyes, a Chemical Engineering major, receive a SEES Research Apprenticeship. This apprenticeship was established to recognize outstanding students pursuing their degrees in the STEM fields and who have achieved positive academic records. (January 2014)

Visiting scholars Dr. Ekrem Almaz and Zuleyha Almaz completed their visit and returned to Mus Alparslan University in Turkey. We thank them for their contributions to the ongoing projects, and we are looking forward to further collaboration in the future. (January 2014)

We presented at the California State University Biotechnology Symposium in Santa Clara, CA. The symposium was held in January 2014, and Biotechnology majors Adrian Ortiz and Chris Borcuk presented with Dr. Salik. (January 2014)

Dr. Salik visits Ankara University Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department in Turkey. The visit was arranged by Dr. Isa Navruz and supported by TUBITAK Programme 2221. As part of the visit, Dr. Salik gave two seminars on fiber sensors and developed a collaboration plan. (August 2013)

Our proposal entitled "Rapid Detection of Foodborne Pathogen E.coli 0157:H7 with Tapered Fiber Optic Biosensors within Microfluidic Channels" submitted to the Strategic Interdisciplinary Research Grant (SIRG) was funded. Our collaborators are Dr. Shelton Murinda (Animal and Veterinary Science) and Dr. Wei-Jen Lin (Biological Sciences). Congratulations to all members who contributed! (June 2013)

Congratulations to all group members for the success at College of Science Symposium. We presented a total of 8 posters! Download poster abstracts. (May 2013)

Adrian Ortiz, a Biotechnology major in our group, receives the Kellogg Undergraduate Scholars Program (KUSP) scholarship for his project titled "Fiber Optic Biosensor for Protein Detection." (March 2013)

John Miller, one of our group members, is presenting at the Cal Poly Pomona Student Research Conference on Friday, March 1, 2013. His talk is entitled "Tapered Fiber Optic Biosensors for Detection of Proteins and Bacteria."

Prof. Salik is on sabbatical leave between September 20, 2012 and March 31, 2013. He is currently working with Prof. Aydogan Ozcan at UCLA on optofluidic biosensing using fluorescent labels.

We received Agricultural Research Institute grant to develop fiber optic biosensor for rapid detection of E. coli O157:H7 in food samples. (January 2012)

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