Temporary Appointments

Temporary appointments may be for periods of a quarter, parts of a year, or one (1) or more years. Full-time temporary academic appointments have a workload of 15 weighted teaching units (WTU). Note: "temporary faculty" includes both full and part-time faculty.

Part-time temporary academic appointments have a workload of less than 15 weighted teaching units (WTU).

Temporary faculty positions are posted with the department. Please visit the appropriate College website for more information. 

Three Year Appointments

Temporary faculty (excluding coaches) employed during the prior academic year and possessing six (6) or more years of prior consecutive service on that campus shall be offered a three-year temporary appointment following an evaluation conducted pursuant to provisions 15.20(d) and 15.28. Two quarters is equivalent to one year of service. Service need not be continuous but the entire six year period must have been worked on a single campus in a single department. (CBA 12.12)

Semester Conversion