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Please participate in the Great California Shake-Out and Campus Evacuation Drill!

Faculty, please help your students stay safe! Plan to participate in the Great California Shake-Out and Campus Evacuation Drill on Thursday Oct. 18, 10:18 – 11:23 a.m.!

Click here for timeline and instructions on what to do.

10:18 – 10:32

  1. Show the 2-minute Shakeout Video to your class
  2. Review the “When an Earthquake Strikes” handout (post this in your Blackboard course, too)
  3. Practice a “Drop, cover and hold” in your classroom

10:33 - 11:23

  1. Audible fire alarms will be activated all over campus.
  2. Evacuate your class.
  3. Get your class familiar with the evacuation site for your respective building. Find your evacuation site.
  4. Dismiss your class at your convenience.
Note: The fire audible alarms may be active for up to 40 minutes proceeding activation.


Faculty Center

The Faculty Center actively supports faculty, tenure-line and lecturer, in all stages and facets of their careers at Cal Poly Pomona. We provide orientation for new faculty, pedagogical resources, collaborative opportunities, and confidential consultations.


The eLearning team offers pedagogical tools and technical support for faculty to create outstanding online, hybrid, and face-to-face courses. We also provide consultation and support to staff and administrators in using educational technologies to meet departmental needs.


Top Questions We Get Asked

How do I get my students to do the reading, pay attention, and participate in class?

Check out these online workshops about motivating students to prepare for class and how to create learning communities in class.

What are the most effective strategies for helping students learn?

That's a big question with an extensive literature. Start small with this list of 13 things you can do to help your students learn. It includes citations and links to literature. Also see our online workshops on transparency, productive persistence, and organization.

How do I get help with using Blackboard (Bb) effectively?

For basic Blackboard help, call or visit Studio 6 at 909-979-3099, Bldg 1-205. You can also email blackboard@cpp.edu or review Blackboard instructor guides at eHelp and official Blackboard instructor videos.

The Bb Quality Matters (QM) Course Template makes course navigation easy and intuitive. Instructors using this template report that students spend more time on task. Learn more about QM and request the Bb QM Course Template.

I received a notice from the Disability Resource Center (DRC) that I have a student with disability. What do I do?

Make sure your instructional materials, such as Word docs, PowerPoints, and PDFs are “accessible.” To learn more, review our Accessible Instructional Materials guide.

Also, use closed-captioned videos and provide transcripts for audio material. Unfortunately, auto-generated captions in YouTube aren't adequate. Contact MediaVision for help with captioning.

You can also make an appointment to get help.

I am a lecturer. What is available to me?

Lecturers are included in all Faculty Center and eLearning programs! Start with the Quickstart Guide and the Lecturer Guide, and watch your email for announcements from us.

To view more frequently asked questions visit our FAQs.