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About the Faculty Center

Our Mission -- Adopted January 2011

The Faculty Center for Professional Development is dedicated to supporting faculty in their multi-faceted roles of learner-centered teaching, research and creative activities, and service to the university and community. 

Our Vision -- Adopted January 2011

Our vision is that every Cal Poly Pomona faculty member receives opportunities and encouragement to enhance his or her skills in disciplinary expertise, effective educational practices, and effective service practices and opportunities.  Every faculty member on this campus should have access to a community of scholars and colleagues.

Our Core Values -- Adopted January 2011

The staff of the Faculty Center and the members of the Faculty Development Advisory Committee are committed to the following values related to the multi-faceted roles of faculty:

  • Encouraging a culture of deep learning
  • Encouraging creative scholarship despite limited resources
  • Developing a shared understanding of and responsibility for the university community

Our Activities

We provide resources, support, and programs for faculty to advance innovative, effective instruction for diverse students throughout the University. The Faculty Center works in close partnership with eLearning in this endeavor. The Director of the Faculty Center also serves as the Director of eLearning.

  • We provide opportunities and resources for faculty to create and maintain collegial, collaborative relationships and to maintain vibrancy at every stage of the faculty career. 
  • We provide resources and programs to advance research, scholarship, creative activities, and other professional activities of the faculty. 
  • We assist departments in recruiting high-quality faculty and in orienting and supporting new faculty to encourage their retention, advancement, and success at Cal Poly Pomona.

Faculty Development Advisory Committee

Faculty Center priorities and activities are guided by input from the Faculty Development Advisory Committee (FDAC). FDAC members are elected from each college and confirmed by the Faculty Senate for 3-yr terms. For the 2016-2017 academic year, FDAC members are:

  • Agriculture -- James Alderson, AVS
  • Business Administration -- Ed He, TOM
  • Collins College of Hospitality Management -- Ed Merritt
  • Education & Integrative Studies -- Hend Gilli-Elewy, IGE
  • Engineering -- Hamun Kalantaari, IME
  • Environmental Design -- Sooyun Im, Art
  • Letters, Arts, & Social Sciences -- Erika DeJonghe, Psy & Soc
  • Library -- Kai Smith
  • Science -- Nina Abramzon, Physics
  • Ex officio -- Sep Eskandari, Academic Planning, Policy, & Faculty Affairs