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Especially for lecturers! Ruth Ahn (Faculty Center, Education), Yam Lee (Chemical & Materials Engineering), and Jennifer Mahlke (Communication), with help from Bonnie Thorne (CFA Lecturer Rep, Psychology) are teaming up for a monthly series on topics in teaching and career management.

It’s held via Zoom videoconference so you can participate from anywhere. Registration for each session is limited to 15 people (first come first serve) so we can have a good conversation. If you can’t attend in real time, no worries; we’ll create a recording for later.

Wednesday Sept. 26, 12:00 – 1:00 
Promoting Active Participation and Assessment in Class: Video Recording | Presentation Slides

Thursday Oct. 25, 12:00 – 1:00 
The CFA Success Kit for Lecturers, Part 1: Video Recording | Presentation Slides

Thursday Nov. 29, 12:00 – 1:00 
The Transparent Syllabus

Spring Teaching Academy for Professors: Led by Ruth Ahn, Yam Lee, Amy Gimino, & Jennifer Mahlke

Do you have a passion to improve your teaching and student learning? Do you have a strong desire to observe others' teaching in a non-evaluative manner to find new and effective ways to engage your students? If you share these passions, we have an exciting, win-win-win opportunity for you! Win for improved teaching (past participants had average course evaluations improve by nearly 26%), win for improved student performance (past participant had student exam score increase as much as 20.8%), and win for faculty satisfaction (past participants reported 100% satisfaction with the program and a 44% increase in their knowledge of teaching and learning).

Our multidisciplinary team of faculty leaders is excited to offer an Introductory-TAP (i-TAP) in Spring 2019, focusing on student-centered teaching & learning approaches. The i-TAP is a research-based communal approach to faculty learning, informed by Japanese lesson study, in which 9 selected Teaching Fellows work in multidisciplinary triads to observe and improve teaching. Please see the revised call for proposals for more information.

Please contact Dr. Ruth Ahn at ruthahn@cpp.edu for any questions.

Blackboard Mastery Seminar

The Blackboard Mastery Seminar is a 2-day intensive to help you go from novice to expert Bb user. This highly interactive, hands-on workshop will significantly increase your efficiency and effectiveness in using Blackboard. You will be able to:

  1. Define the core functions and usage of a Learning Management System
  2. Identify Cal Poly Pomona¹s support and procedures for Blackboard
  3. Navigate the Blackboard environment
  4. Present course materials in an easy-to-navigate structure
  5. Determine the best-suited Blackboard tools to overcome common learning challenges
  6. Integrate online activities effectively, meeting pedagogical goals
  7. Incorporate assessment tools to monitor student participation and progress

Note - Please bring your lunch! Snacks & drinks will be available.

Scholarly Writing Retreat

Get a jump start on scholarly writing for the spring semester. This two-day retreat features plenty of personal writing time as well as short panel discussions and talks by some of Cal Poly Pomona's most prolific publishers. The event will be facilitated by Ruth Ahn, Education, who serves as the Executive Editor of the International Journal of Teacher Leadership.

Any faculty member is welcome, although we especially recommend tenure-line faculty in years 3-6 consider participating. Limited to 15 participants so register early. Please plan to attend both days to get the most out of the experience.

"Saddle Up for Semesters" Conversion Camp: Holiday Special

If you couldn’t attend a semester conversion camp last year, and you feel like you got stampeded by Fall semester, set yourself up better for Spring with our Holiday Special Semester Conversion Camp.

This 2-day guided agenda program offers short presentations about best practices plus plenty of time to work on your courses. Limited to 20 participants; please ensure that you can stay the whole day each day. Open to all faculty (however, please don’t register if you participated in a previous Semester Conversion Camp). We hope to be able to offer a $100 stipend for each day.

Faculty Center Flagship Workshop: Online Teaching at Its Best!

We're thrilled to bring Dr. Linda Nilson, emerita Clemson University, back to Cal Poly Pomona! Linda first visited in 2013. She's the prolific and practical author of some of our favorite books and articles about teaching, including Creating Self-Regulated Learners (2013), Teaching at Its Best, now in its 4th edition (2016), and Creating Engaging Discussions (2018) (plus, oh, about 5 more!). Linda's work is based in her rigorous examinations of the research literature. Most recently, her book Online Teaching at Its Best (2018) seemed like a perfect fit. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn just how much about online teaching is relevant to great face to face teaching, and vice versa.

Linda's delightfully engaging and active workshop will help you to:

  • Distinguish myth from reality about differences between face-to-face and online courses
  • Design a tightly aligned course for any environment
  • Organize online course materials to help students find them easily
  • Apply cognitive science to online materials
  • Enhance student motivation in in online and hybrid environments
  • Create a sense of community and interactivity in online environments

As a special bonus, we’ll also have the winners of the 2019 Wall of COOL awards give brief presentations about their inspiring ideas!

Faculty Day: Save the date!

Faculty Day is our traditional celebration of Cal Poly Pomona faculty, an event for pure enjoyment. All faculty - full-time, part-time, retired, new, and all in between - are cordially invited to enjoy lunch, music provided by Cal Poly Pomona students, gifts and goodies, and time with colleagues. Stay tuned for location info closer to the time and put the date on your calendar now.

eLearning Engaging the Digital Student Institute (EDSI) 2019: Save the dates!

The Summer Institute supports you in designing high quality hybrid or online courses and in using various technologies to increase engagement and learning in face-to-face classes. Any faculty member, full- or part-time, is welcome, with a limit of 40 total participants. Stipends will be available based on applications to the Institute. Stay tuned for the Call for Applications later this year, and pencil in the week right now!