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Call for Participation for the 2019 "Course in Effective Teaching Practices"

The Faculty Center is partnering with the Association of College & University Educators (ACUE) to offer the "Course on Effective Teaching Practices" in 2019.

Applications are now closed!  Please stay tuned for more information about future ACUE offerings.

Why participate

The ACUE course is a wonderful learning experience and will be the seed of some truly satisfying results. This is an opportunity for elite faculty teams to focus on the "wicked" (systemic, multifaceted, long-term) problems of high fail-rate and high equity gap courses. These courses are genuinely difficult; students will not and should not succeed without serious effort. The courses are tough to teach because it is hard to sustain motivation in the face of student failure, disappointment, and even blame. Research-based instructional strategies can begin to change this frustrating dynamic, and working with colleagues on teaching is always satisfying!

Who should participate

There is space for 60 faculty in 2019. ALL faculty, lecturers* and tenure-line, from every college, are eligible. As mentioned, this is an opportunity to focus on solving the problems and frustrations of high DFW and high equity gap courses. The ideal is to have teams of 2-3 people who all teach a particular course. While priority will go to faculty teaching high DFW/equity gap courses, especially teams, faculty from every college are encouraged to apply.

*Because the experience extends over two semesters, lecturers should have reasonable assurance from department chairs of continuing employment in both Spring and Fall 2019. FERPing faculty are eligible only if they are working with a team to address high DFW/equity gap courses and are teaching in both Spring and Fall 2019.

How it works

The "Course on Effective Teaching Practices" is a high-quality online experience. The asynchronous but actively facilitated course features recognized experts and input from teaching faculty. Faculty complete 25 modules for a certificate endorsed by the American Council on Education. Each module requires content acquisition via carefully selected readings and high-quality videos, followed by trying out new practices in your own classroom, then discussion and reflection. Facilitators from the Faculty Center and eLearning will provide encouragement and ideas, while reflections are graded by ACUE staff. Passing a module requires engagement and attention.

See the attached schedule for module topics and titles.

What participants get

Beyond the sheer satisfaction of working with other faculty and getting to know people from all over campus, learning new strategies for teaching, and having fun in the classroom, there are tangibles:

  • Funding is provided by the Office of Student Success, so this opportunity is offered to you at no cost to your department
  • Participants will receive $1000 in stipends ($500 halfway and $500 upon completion). Note that this is taxable income
  • Digital badges for each completed module
  • Upon completion, the aforementioned ACE-endorsed certificate
  • Access to course materials for a year after completion
  • As a bonus, experience being a student again!
The time commitment
  • Please see the attached schedule for details.
  • We’ll begin in late January/early February with a mandatory (but enjoyable and productive) face-to-face kick-off. During the kick-off, you will complete the first module. Choose from:
    • Thursday January 31, 1:00 – 4:00 pm (preceded by lunch)
    • Friday February 1, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm (followed by lunch)
  • After the kick-off, we’ll do one online module each week. Modules are asynchronous, meaning that you do not have to do them at a particular time, but that there are due dates (see the schedule). Each module requires about two hours per week -- about an hour of content acquisition followed by trying practices in the classroom, then discussion and reflection.
  • We’ll do 5-6 modules, then take a week off, then 5-6 more modules, etc., through the spring semester. Weeks off are scheduled at reasonable times, such as spring break.
  • We will take a summer break.
  • We will resume in August, with one module per week as before.
  • We will end in November before Thanksgiving, with a non-mandatory closing celebration.
  • Only two face-to-face gatherings are planned at this time, the kick-off and the closing celebration. If participants request face-to-face meetings for extra encouragement and collegial interaction, the Faculty Center will gladly arrange opportunities.
  • The total time commitment will be approximately 55-60 hours from February through November.
Assessment and data collection

ACUE will work with us to collect student achievement data (grades) both immediately and longitudinally, and possibly student satisfaction data (student ratings). Faculty participant data collected will include completion rates, the number of new practices tested, and participant satisfaction and response surveys.

Special thanks

The Faculty Center is deeply appreciative of Provost Sylvia Alva, Terri Gomez, Martin Sancho-Madriz, and Alison Baski for providing funding and encouragement – thank you for your support! We hope this experience is a smashing success that will lead to ACUE being available for more faculty.

For questions and more information

Contact Victoria Bhavsar at the Faculty Center ( vbhavsar@cpp.edu).


Applications are now closed!  Please stay tuned for information about future ACUE offerings.

Faculty Center Flagship Workshop: Online Teaching at Its Best!

We're thrilled to bring Dr. Linda Nilson, emerita Clemson University, back to Cal Poly Pomona! Linda first visited in 2013. She's the prolific and practical author of some of our favorite books and articles about teaching, including Creating Self-Regulated Learners (2013), Teaching at Its Best, now in its 4th edition (2016), and Creating Engaging Discussions (2018) (plus, oh, about 5 more!). Linda's work is based in her rigorous examinations of the research literature. Most recently, her book Online Teaching at Its Best (2018) seemed like a perfect fit. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn just how much about online teaching is relevant to great face to face teaching, and vice versa.

Linda's delightfully engaging and active workshop will help you to:

  • Distinguish myth from reality about differences between face-to-face and online courses
  • Design a tightly aligned course for any environment
  • Organize online course materials to help students find them easily
  • Apply cognitive science to online materials
  • Enhance student motivation in in online and hybrid environments
  • Create a sense of community and interactivity in online environments

As a special bonus, we’ll also have the winners of the 2019 Wall of COOL awards give brief presentations about their inspiring ideas!

Faculty Day: Save the date!

Faculty Day is our traditional celebration of Cal Poly Pomona faculty, an event for pure enjoyment. All faculty - full-time, part-time, retired, new, and all in between - are cordially invited to enjoy lunch, music provided by Cal Poly Pomona students, gifts and goodies, and time with colleagues. Stay tuned for location info closer to the time and put the date on your calendar now.

eLearning Engaging the Digital Student Institute (EDSI) 2019: Save the dates!

The Summer Institute supports you in designing high quality hybrid or online courses and in using various technologies to increase engagement and learning in face-to-face classes. Any faculty member, full- or part-time, is welcome, with a limit of 40 total participants. Stipends will be available based on applications to the Institute. Stay tuned for the Call for Applications later this year, and pencil in the week right now!