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Tomatozania™ Plant Sale
March 15 - 17, 2019
10am-3pm at the Greenhouse
Tomatozania is an annual spring event that offers hundreds of varieties of tomato plants for sale at the Greenhouse, next to the Farm Store. Plants are grown right here on the Cal Poly Pomona campus and include varieties to suit anybody's taste. Whether you are a beginner or advanced grower, we have a plant for you. The three day event is open to the public and offers the following varieties while supplies last. Tomato plants will also be sold in the Farm Store Nursery after the event but there will be fewer types available.

Tomatozania™ Plant Varieties ($3.59 ea):
Abu Rawan, Amana Orange, Amish Paste, Ananas Anoir, Barry's Crazy Cherry, Basket Pak LG, Beefmaster, Beefsteak, Believe It or Not, Bellstar, Berkely Tie Dye Pink, Berkley Tie Dye Green, Better Boy, Better Bush, Big Beef, Big Boy, Big Daddy, Big Rainbow, Bistro, Black Beauty, Black Cherry, Black Icicles, Black Krim, Black Plum, Black Prince, Blue Beauty, Blue Beech, Blue Berries, Blue Cream Berries, Blue Gold Berries, Blush, Box Car Willie, Brad's Atomic Grape, Brandywine Pink, Brandywine Red, Brandywine True Black, Brandywine Yellow, Burgermaster, Bush Beefsteak, Bush Early Girl, Bushsteak, Carbon, Celebrity, Chef’s Choice Grape, Cherokee Chocolate, Cherokee Purple, Cherokee Green, Cherry Red Grape, Chestnut Chocolate, Chocolate Pear, Clear Pink, Copia, Cosmic Eclipse, Dad's Sunset, Dark Galaxy, Delicious, Durzba, Dutchman, Early Girl, Egg Yolk, Emerald Apple, Flame, Gardener's Delight, German Giant, German Johnson, Gold Nugget, Goldman's Italian-American, Great White, Green Bell Pepper Tomato, Green Giant, Green Grape, Green Zebra, Hawaiian Pineapple, Health Kick, Henderson's Pink Ponderosa, Hillbilly, Husky Cherry Red, Husky Red, Indigo Apple, Indigo Rose, Isis Candy, Italian Red Pear, Japanese Black Trifele, Jersery Devil, Jujube, Kellogg's Breakfast, La Roma 3, Large Barred Boar, Lemon Boy, Livingston's Favorite, Lucid Gem, Lucky Tiger, Mammoth German Gold, Marianne's Peace, Martino's Roma, Marvel Stripe, Mary Robinson's German Bicolor, Matt’s Wild Cherry, Mexico, Michael Pollan, Millionaire, Mortgage Lifter, Mortgage Lifter Yellow, Mr. Stripey, Mule Team, Napa Chardonnay, Napa Rose Blush, Nature's Riddle, New Big Dwarf, New Girl, Nyagous, Old German, Omar's Lebanese, Orange Blossom, Orange Slice, Pantano Romanesco, Patio, Paul Robeson, Persimmon, Pierce's Pride, Pilcer Vesy, Pineapple, Pineapple Pig, Pink Beauty, Pink Boar, Pink Bumble Bee, Pink Elephant, Pink Pounder, Porterhouse, Prinicipe Borghese, Pruden's Purple, Purple Bumblebee, Purple Calabash, Purple Russian, Red Grape, Red Pear, Red Rose, Roma, Rosalita, Rose, Royal Hillbilly, Rutgers, San Diego, San Marzano, San Marzano II,San Marzano Lungo #2, Solar Flare, Speckled Roman, Steak Sandwich, Striped German, Striped Roman, Stupice, Sun Gold, Sun Sugar, Sunrise Bumble Bee, Super Sweet 100, Super Beefsteak, Supersteak, Sun Gold, Sweet 100, Sweet Baby Girl, Sweet Million, Sweet Valentines, Tangerine, Tasmanian Chocolate, Ten Fingers of Naples, Thai Pink Egg, Thornburg Terra-Cotta, Tidy Treat, Tiger "Cherry Roma", Todd County Amish, Tommy Toe, Totem, Tsungshigo Chinese, Tumbler, Tumbling Tom Red, Tumbling Tom Yellow, Valencia, Vernissage Black, Vernissage Green, Valley Girl, Vintage Wine, Violet Jasper, Virginia Sweets, Vorlon, Wagner's Blue Green, White Cherry, White Wonder, Wild Cherry, Yellow Pear

Please email questions about the Nursery and Greenhouse to
4102 S. University Drive, Pomona, CA 91768. Click here for driving directions.

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