Accounts Payable

Mission Statement

Accounts Payable Department is responsible for the issuance of various University payments.  Following is a brief outline of some of the more common items processed by our department along with tips to help staff and vendors alike submit proper payment requests.

If a particular situation is not covered below, or you would like more details about anything discussed, contact our office and ask to speak with an accounting technician.

For scanning and/or auditing purposes, we ask that you please do not use the following when submitting your invoices and travel documents to Accounts Payable:

  • Correction fluid/tape
  • Highlighters (If there is an item to be noted, please circle it)
  • Dark or hard to read copies
  • Receipts or documents smaller than 8-1/2 x 11 (please tape to a blank sheet of paper - do not staple)

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All invoices going through the regular purchase order procedure are to be submitted directly to Accounts Payable and must reference the purchase order number issued authorizing the purchase. If the invoice qualifies for a direct pay, see the direct pay procedure. If a department should receive an invoice from a vendor, the department should immediately forward it to Accounts Payable. Please write the purchase order number on all invoices submitted.


Invoices are paid according to the terms on the purchase order. The Buyer can negotiate special terms with individual vendors.

Vendors and/or Departments calling Accounts Payable inquiring about payment status of an invoice should be prepared to provide the following information: purchase order number, invoice number, and invoice amount.

Freight Charges

A California State requirement for freight provided by a common carrier with charges of $50.00 or over must be supported by a copy of the actual freight bill. Payment of the freight charge will be withheld until the proper documentation is provided.

Vendor Data Record Information

A Vendor Data Record Form (Form 204)(pdf)  must be completed and filed with Accounts Payable by all vendors doing business with the University. This form documents such information as the federal identification number or SSN number, as well as the type of business for tax reporting purposes. Failure to submit a completed "Vendor Data Record" form will result in delays in payment and/or federal and state backup withholding (38%) being deducted from the payment.

Payments to new vendors will be delayed until a completed Vendor Data Record Form (Form 204) is obtained from the vendor.

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CSU Policy

The California State University HR Coded Memorandum - HR 2018-07 provides the Systemwide policy and internal procedures governing reimbursement for moving and relocation expenses of individuals who change their place of residence due to the acceptance of a position with the California State University (CSU) under specified circumstances.

 Campus guidelines

Not all new appointees or current CSU employees will be eligible for reimbursement of moving and relocation expenses. The decision by an appointing authority (hiring manager) to offer moving and relocation expenses is discretionary and contingent upon the availability of funds and compliance with CSU policy, campus guidelines, including monetary limitations and approval authorizations.  All such expenditures must be reasonable, necessary and as economical as possible.

 Moving and relocation expenses are permissible when: 

  • The new employee possesses highly specialized skills needed by the campus; OR
  • The new employee is currently located in a geographic location that makes working at Cal Poly Pomona prohibitive; OR
  • Doing so provides incentive for the individual to accept the position. 

Exceptions to the above criteria must be approved by the campus Chief Financial Officer. 

The appointing authority must obtain written approval (signed by the vice president/president) of the proposed dollar amount of moving and relocation expenses to be reimbursed prior to extending the offer to the new employee. Vice Presidents can authorize reimbursements of up to $10,000. Presidential approval is required for reimbursements that exceed $10,000.

Reimbursements are limited to actual costs incurred up to the amounts agreed to by the department and the employee within the limits outlined in these guidelines.

Approval by the campus president is required for any exceptions for all moving and relocation reimbursements.

Reimbursement for any tax liabilities (“grossing up”) incurred by the employee as the result of receiving reimbursement for relocation expenses is prohibited. 

The CSU Internal Procedures Governing Reimbursement for Moving and Relocation Expenses authorizes expenses that are subject to taxation for the employee. Any such reimbursement shall be documented, paid, and reported in accord with established accounting practices and state and federal regulations.


  1.        I.          Appointing authority must obtain written approval (signed by the vice president/president) of the proposed dollar amount of moving and relocation expenses to be reimbursed prior to extending the offer to the new employee. Appointing authority to complete Certification for Reimbursement of Moving/Relocation Expenses form (pdf)

  2.      II.          Arrange to have household goods relocated

  3.     III.          Identify appropriate transportation, lodging, and meal costs for new employee and spouse

  4.    IV.          Complete the Travel Expense Claim (xls) form

  5.      V.          Complete the Direct Pay (pdf) form

  6.    VI.          Submit Certification form, Travel Expense Claim form, Direct Pay form and all original receipts to Accounts Payable Dept. (Bldg. 98, B1-113)

I. Complete Certification for Reimbursement of Moving/Relocation Expenses form

  • The CPP employee's signature, Dean/Department Chair/Account Responsible Person, the Vice President (approval required for up to $10,000), and the CPP President (if total to exceed $10,000) must sign the Certification for Reimbursement of Moving/Relocation Expenses with the total negotiated payment amount indicated in the appropriate space (original signatures required).
  • This form includes repayment information to be applied should the employee fail to start work or complete the terms of their employment, as explained in the section entitled, "Certification of Employee."
  • Expenses associated with the relocation (i.e. moving of household goods, land transportation while en route to new location for new employee and spouse, air transportation for new employee and spouse, lodging while en route to new location for new employee and spouse, and meals while en route to new location for new employee and spouse) may be reimbursed up to the approved amount on the Certification Form and in accordance with the procedures outlined below.

Reimbursement is not allowed for any move less than 50 miles from your former residence or if your former residence was closer to the CSU Pomona campus.

  1. Moving and relocation expenses may be eligible for payment or reimbursement by California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.  As of January 1, 2018, all moving expenses paid or reimbursed by the CSU are taxable as wages to the recipient.  The exclusion from gross income in Internal Revenue Code 217, as well as the fringe benefit rule in 132 (g), are suspended from 2018-2025. Required employment taxes will be withheld from the employee’s paycheck for such reimbursements.
  • Identify the preparer’s name and the office telephone number at the bottom of the form.

II. Arrange to have household goods relocated 

The following moving companies may provide moving services, but usually require initial contact three weeks before the move to schedule time and resources appropriately.        


Vendor Name


Contact #




Golden Eagle Moving Services

Tel (800) 328-4367

Mayflower Transit

Tel (866) 557-5150

Wheaton Van Lines, Inc

Tel (800) 248-7962
  Fax (317) 570-4635

 Employees may choose from two payment methods:

a. University pays the moving company on behalf of the employee

b. The employee pays the moving company directly

If option (a) is chosen, the hiring department must contact procurement department to request a purchase order for the moving company to directly invoice the

III. Identify appropriate transportation, lodging, and meal costs for new employee and spouse

The original itemized receipt showing proof of payment must be submitted for each and all expenses associated with the moving/relocation (including meals of $25 or more) for the new employee and spouse.

The original itemized receipt showing proof of payment must be submitted for the new employee’s airfare and their spouse’s airfare associated with the relocation.

The approved Travel Expense Claim (xls), with all of the required receipts and documentation for the new employee’s moving and relocation expenses, must be submitted to the Accounts Payable Department within 30 days of their arrival date.

  1. If moving and relocation travel will be completed by a private vehicle:
    1. Travelers must keep a record of the mileage traveled (direct route to new residence)
    2. Travel on or after January 1, 2019, the mileage rate is $0.20 per mile (Travel prior to January 1, 2019 mileage rate is $0.18 per mile). 
    3. Gasoline costs for private vehicles will NOT be reimbursed

2. Transporting a personal vehicle

  1. No reimbursement for transporting a private vehicle or repairs on a private vehicle.

3. If moving and relocation travel will be completed by a rental vehicle:

  1. The new employee may purchase additional insurance offered by a rental car/truck company; however, if additional insurance is selected, the new employee will not be reimbursed for the cost of the additional insurance.
  2. No mileage is reimbursed for rental vehicles.
  3. Gasoline for truck rentals and car rentals is reimbursed when original itemized receipt(s) showing proof of payment is provided and attached to
    the Travel Expense Claim (xls) form submitted to Accounts Payable at the conclusion of travel.

4.  For moving and relocation travel, lodging expenses include room charges and applicable taxes (reasonable lodging for new employee and spouse) while en route to new residence.  No reimbursement may be claimed for additional nights in the same location, in-room movies, room service, personal phone calls, in-room mini bar, etc.

IV. Complete the Travel Expense Claim (xls) form

V. Complete the Direct Pay form

VI. Submit the Certification form, Travel Expense Claim form and all original receipts to Accounts Payable Dept. (CLA – Bldg. 98, B1-113)

CSU Travel Procedures and Regulations G-001 (pdf)
HR Coded Memorandum - HR 2018-07  (pdf)

Taxability of Moving and Relocation Expenses (pdf)

Should you have any questions regarding Moving and Relocation reimbursement, contact Helen Lee at ext. 2014 or



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Petty Cash is available for reimbursement for items purchased up to the amount of $50.00 + tax and within 30 days of purchase.

Petty cash should only be used for emergency purposes; generally for items that are needed immediately, usually for a class to proceed, and cannot wait to go through the procurement process to purchase them. Additionally, there are some items that are not allowable to be purchased using petty cash regardless of the circumstances; such as hospitality items and office supplies. Questions concerning the propriety of a purchase for petty cash reimbursement should be directed, in advance, to the Petty Cash Custodian in Student Accounting and Cashiering Services.

Please complete a State of California Disbursement Voucher form (Std 439 Rev 4-84), attach all original receipts, and present completed form to the Cashiers in the CLA Bldg., Room 98-B1-113 for reimbursement. 

  1. Disbursement Vouchers are valid if processed within one month of date of receipt.  Receipts over 30 days can be reimbursed by completing a Travel Expense Claim Form 2018 (xls) (F-262). Please go to our on-line forms page to access the correct claim form. Attach receipts to direct pay form and claim and forward to Accounts Payable for payment.

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