US Bank Card Travel Program

Travelers are encouraged to apply for the US Bank Personal Liability Travel Card.  This card, which has no individual membership fee, allows employees to charge any business-related travel expense (airfares, hotel, car rental, registration fees, etc.). We can only reimburse "prepaid expenses" before your trip if you use the US Bank Personal Liability Travel Card.

For information on how to apply for an US Bank Personal Liability Travel Card, please contact Helen Lee at or please fill out the application and submit to University Accounting Services, Bldg. 98, B1-113.

US Bank Card Application Link

The cardholder will be billed directly from US Bank for all expenses charged to the card.  The cardholder is personally responsible for paying all charges on the card.  The University will not reimburse or pay late fee charges incurred in connection with this travel charge card. Late fee will be charged as follow: 

  • 30 days = 0%;
  • 60 days = 2.5% with a $2 minimum;
  • 90 days = 2.5% with a $2 minimum;
  • 120 days = 2.5% with a $2 minimum;
  • 160 days = 2.5% with a $2 minimum;
  • 180 days = charged off and balance charged to the department. 

Upon separation of employment, the US Bank Personal Liability Travel card must be relinquished to the employee’s department or returned to University Accounting Dept. Bldg 98, room B1-113. 

US Bank Visa Card Benefits

  • 24 hour World Wide Customer Assistance Center. Call toll free number on the back of your card or 1-800-VISA-911, if you’re outside of the United States, call collect at 0-410-581-9994
  • $500,000 business Travel Accident Insurance
  • Emergency medical referral and legal referral services worldwide.
  • Emergency Ticket Replacement
  • Lost Luggage Locator Service
  • For more details please refer to Your Visa Card Guide to Benefits- comes with your card

 Note:   Visa Travel & Emergency Assistance provides assistance and referral only.  You’re responsible for the cost of any actual medical, legal, transportation, or any other services or goods provided.