The Travel Department is to provide reimbursement for official University business travel conducted on behalf of the California State University.  All travel reimbursements must be in compliance with The Chancellor’s Office Travel Procedures and Regulations:

     CSU Travel Procedures and Regulation G-001 (Effective January 2018)

      •  As of July 12, 2004, travel advances have been discontinued.


  • The following is a summary of clerical changes or corrections made to the CSU Travel Procedures located in the Travel Policy:

    • Section II, Part E: verbiage updated. “Executive Vice Chancellor/Chief Financial Officer” was removed and replaced with “Chancellor” to be consistent with the policy.
    • Section VIII, Part E: verbiage and link was updated for filing a claim for Personal Property or Baggage Loss.
    • Section XIV, Part C: link was updated to reflect the RM2013-01 (International Travel & Requirement to Purchase Insurance) was superseded by RM 2014-01.
  • Assembly Bill No. 1887

  • Revised Policy 3601-01

The link to the Office of the Attorney General’s website regarding Assembly Bill 1887 State Government: Discrimination Travel, effective January 1, 2017 has been added to the Laws, State Codes, Regulations and Mandates in the Resources and Reference Materials Section of the Travel Policy.

  • Personal Liability Card From US Bank

Please use the following link to access the US Bank FAQ, the guide to benefits and the travel accident insurance: