Request to Establish or Adjust a Campus Based Fee


Refer to Chancellor's Executive Order 1102 (supersedes Exec. Order 1054).  California State University Student Fee Policy and Miscellaneous Course Fee Delegation of Authority.

Completed requests should be forwarded through the line organization to the appropriate Vice President with a letter of endorsement and a financial report from the college/department requesting the fee.  The request, letter of endorsement and financial report is then forwarded to the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs for inclusion on the agenda for the next meeting of the University Fee Advisory Committee.

Note:  Fee Committee guidelines include a one-term wait period before new fees can be charged or existing fees adjusted.

Questions regarding the completion of this form can be referred to Kaitlyn Sedzmak, Budget Manager, Student Affairs and support staff to the Fee Advisory Committee.  Kaitlyn can be reached on extension 2816 or email   

Budget questions should be directed to Mark Lopez, Director of Budget Services.  Mark can be reached on extension 2928 or email