Maintain your Award

It is important to understand the guidelines required to maintain financial aid eligibility.

Satisfactory Academic Progress - Minimum Unit and GPA requirements to maintain your eligibility for financial aid           

Units Required - Minimum units needed to receive financial aid

Dropping all of your units during the semester- Your financial aid responsibilities if you withdraw from the semester:

If you are receiving Financial Aid and withdraw from classes, a “Return To Title IV” calculation will be performed on your financial aid file, this is a Federal Regulation. The Calculation will determine the amount of disbursed funds you are able to keep and what funds you will need to return. In some cases, you may be eligible for a “post withdrawal” refund. The Calculation is run up through the 60% point of the semester. If you drop after the 60% point, no calculation is done since you have “earned” 100% of your financial aid for that semester. Students who never “officially” withdraw from the University will be calculated at the 50% point of the semester.

If you drop prior to the beginning of the semester, all aid for that semester will be canceled.

Please note: Your withdrawal may affect your Satisfactory Academic Progress and your ability to be eligible for financial aid for the upcoming Academic Year. 

Dropping Below Full-time - Your financial aid responsibilities if you drop below full-time enrollment:

Some financial aid awards require a minimum unit enrollment to receive the full award. Please review Units Required before dropping units to see if and how it could affect your financial aid award. In some cases, you may need to return some of your disbursed funds back to the University.

Impact of Enrollment on Direct Loans:

In general, Direct Loans are not pro-rated based on enrollment.  However, you must be enrolled at least Half-Time in order to be eligible to receive funds from the loans.  If you do not begin enrollment at least half-time, or if at the time funds are released you are enrolled less than half-time, you will not be eligible for your loan funds.

Loan amounts for graduating seniors (Undergraduate Students) enrolled for one semester only:

If you will be graduating, and are enrolled for one semester only during the award year, your Direct Loans will be prorated as follows:

  • enrolled in fewer than 12 units, loans are prorated down, based on units
  • enrolled in more than 12 units, loans are prorated up based on units