Apply for Grants, Loans & Scholarships

The application for financial aid will be available to complete or renew every year on October 1st. Prior, prior year tax information will be used. Complete your application by the March 2 deadline to avoid missing out on eligible funds! This applies for the California Dream Act Application (CADAA) and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). These applications may be found on their respective websites at and

FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid (expand/collapse)

All eligible students must apply or reapply (renew) yearly for financial aid.

To be eligible to file the FAFSA, students must:

Dream Act Application : Financial Aid Application for undocumented students (expand/collapse)

The other method of applying for Financial Aid is the California Dream Application. This application became available following the passage of two, California Assembly bills, AB 130 and AB 131. Together, these bills became known as the California Dream Act. The California Dream Act allows certain, undocumented students to receive State and University Financial Aid.

To be eligible to file the California Dream Application, students must:

  • Not be eligible to file the FAFSA
  • Be eligible for AB 540 as determined by the Office of Admissions
  • Be in a degree-seeking program
  • Have registered or currently be enrolled at an accredited institution of higher education in California
  • May not be non-immigrants holding a valid lettered non-immigrant visa

Bronco Scholarship Application (BSA) (expand/collapse)

Scholarships are available through Cal Poly Pomona as well as from organizations, businesses, and community groups that are external to the university. Scholarships are generally awarded on the basis of academic merit, leadership, talent, and/or community service. Financial need is a criterion for some but not all scholarships. Eligibility criteria, application procedures, and deadlines may vary by program.

For Cal Poly Pomona scholarships from the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships, the academic colleges, and many campus departments, please complete the Bronco Scholarship Application (BSA).

For more scholarship opportunities and information about scholarships in general, please visit 

After Filing Your Application (expand/collapse)

  • Approximately 2-3 weeks after you complete the FAFSA or Dream Application, you will receive your Student Aid Report (SAR). Carefully review your status and, if you need to make any corrections, follow the instructions. Our office will receive your information as long as Cal Poly Pomona is listed in the School Selection section.
  • Check your Student Center in BroncoDirect. Here you can track your financial aid, as well as manage other university activities. The To Do List, which lets you know what is required to complete your financial aid process, can be found on the right side of your BroncoDirect, Student Center.


Here are a few key things to remember when applying for Financial Aid:

  • Only one application is required, either the FAFSA or Dream Application, not both.
  • If the financial aid application priority date (March 2nd) is missed, students should apply as soon after that date as possible to be considered for the financial aid that is still available.
  • It is recommended that you (if you are required to do so) and your parents complete your taxes before filling out the financial aid application; however, if you or your parents have not filed your tax return, submit the application using estimated figures. After you and your parents have filed your taxes, you can make corrections to your application as needed.
  • If there are errors on your financial aid application, our office might not receive the application. Be sure to check for errors and make corrections as needed.
  • Even if you mark the “Work Study” box on your FAFSA, you will still need to apply for Work Study by completing an Information Update Form and submitting it to our office.
  • Remember, there are two Cal Polys. Be sure to choose California Polytechnic State University, Pomona. (If you choose Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, our office will not receive your application.)
  • Cal Poly Pomona’s school code is 001144.