Sharing Staff Success

Supporting Students in achieving their successes is what we do best. We have developed this page to highlight some of the things we have done and continue to do for our students. We also have a presence on FaceBook and we hope you follow us there as well.

Supporting Students

Grants, Loans, Federal Work Study & Scholarships 2 year comparison

Academic Year



Total # of students on aid



Total % of students on aid on campus



Total aid disbursed



Scholarships awarded



 * 18/19 numbers are not completed as of the writing of this page. The page will be updated once the year closes.

Exciting Program Additions

  • Completion Grant - In an effort to support the graduation initiative and support our students, the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships piloted a Completion Grant program during the 2017 summer quarter. The goal of the program is to provide assistance to students who are at or near graduation and need a small amount of additional financial support to move graduation. 

Serving Those Who Served Our Country

  • Number of veterans served: 652
  • Types of service provided
    • Dedicated liaison provided to the Veterans Office to work closely with our veterans to help them through the process of financial aid.
    • Outreach regarding financial aid and scholarships

New Technology Helping Us Help You

  • Our office has recently added a presentation request option for on campus colleges and departments, local high schools, and community organizations. This service can be found on the Financial Aid Website and will streamline the process of requesting financial aid workshops and presentations. We hope our community utilizes this service to bring greater awareness and knowledge to the financial aid options available to help our students reach their goals. 
  • OnBase, a financial aid software system, enables our office to process work faster and more efficiently. It also helps our office to significantly decrease document processing time, increase staff productivity and improve input  storage and retrieval through a simple and flexible user interface. This all allows for faster and more efficient notification of financial aid awards. The OnBase product continues to evolve and enhance our ability to improve with document processing. 

Additions to our Family

Sara Ayers
sara ayers Joined our family in January 2018 as the Assistant to The Director. Sara comes to us from Cal Poly Pomona's IT department where she served for 11 years. We are so happy to have her and her experience on our team to help our family and our technology grow.


Ariana Estrada
Ariana Estrada

Joined our family in December 2017 as a Scholarship Coordinator. She is an alumna of Cal Poly Pomona and previously worked at the Bronco Advising Center where she assisted students with questions pertaining to various campus departments. Ariana shared, “I enjoy working in the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships as it allows me to provide student access to post-secondary education by providing students with financial aid knowledge and resources.”

Veronica Medina
Veronica Medina Joined our family in May 2018 as a Summer Coordinator. Veronica comes with financial aid background in the proprietary sector where she previously worked as a Financial Aid Advisor before joining our team at Cal Poly Pomona. Veronica says, "I am very happy to be part of the Financial Aid and Scholarships team here at Cal Poly Pomona, I look forward to becoming a permanent member of the team in the future."


Patricia Paz
Patricia Paz Joined our family in April 2018 as a Summer Processor and is now a Financial Aid Processor. As an alumna of Cal Poly Pomona, Patty looks forward to putting the experience she gained while working in different departments on campus to help students accomplish their goals. Patty says, “Students come to Cal Poly Pomona to learn, have experiences, and grow as professionals. It is an honor to be able to assist in providing a piece of the puzzle that allows them to do so.” 


Coleen Pila
Coleen Pila Joined our family in January 2018 as a Counselor. Coleen comes with financial aid background in the proprietary sector where she previously worked as a Financial Aid Advisor before joining our team at Cal Poly Pomona. Coleen says, " I am very proud to be able to work in the Financial Aid and Scholarships Team here at Cal Poly Pomona, where I am able to continue helping students fulfill their dreams."