Federal Work Study

The Federal Work Study program provides part-time employment to students attending institutions of higher education who need the earnings to help meet their educational expenses. The program is also designed to help students gain valuable work experience and to serve the community in community service jobs.

Federal Work Study funds are very limited and not all students who qualify will be awarded. If you would like to be placed on a waiting list for Work Study funds, complete the "Free Application for Federal Student Aid" (FAFSA) by March 2, indicating on the FAFSA that you want Federal Work Study. In addition, you must notify our office that you would like to be placed on a waiting list.

Community Service jobs allow you to play an important leadership role in addressing the needs of Cal Poly Pomona's surrounding community. At the same time, you are adding value to your resume, scholarship, and graduate school applications. Currently, some of Cal Poly Pomona's Federal Work Study students are serving as reading and math tutors in the Pomona Unified School District and other local schools.


Help student employees understand the process of applying for Federal Work Study, the classification and pay rates of student positions, applying for Federal Work Study positions and the steps once you get hired. 


If you are an on or off campus employer seeking to hire a student position through Federal Work Study here is where you will find information on hiring the employee, paying the employee, how billing will be processed and your responsibilities. 


List of forms needed for employees and students for everything from hiring paperwork, the pay period schedule, and timesheets.


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