Service Request

The Customer Service Center can receive and process the campus' requests for routine, non-routine, and emergency maintenance services. These services may include requests for building maintenance, carpentry, custodial services, electrical work, HVAC work, landscape services, painting, or plumbing work. For a more detailed list of the types of services Facilities Planning and Management offers, please see the Facilities Planning, Design and Construction, and Facilities Management pages.

Customer Service hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. For after hour emergencies, contact the campus police department at extension 3070. When calling, faxing or e-mailing your service request please provide your name, building and room number, campus department, extension, and detailed description of service requested.

Customer Service can receive your service requests through our Online Service Request system, campus mail at Building #81, via fax at 869-4363, e-mail at, or by calling extension 3030.

Our routine services can include some of the following examples: Air conditioning - too hot/too cold, bulbs out, ballasts out, custodial services, door and lock maintenance, exit device problems, floor and ceiling tile replacement, gas leaks, landscape maintenance, lock repair, plumbing leaks, response to alarms, response to power interruptions, response to elevator problems, roof leaks, street and road repairs, and window repairs.

For services that are not routine maintenance, or for estimates on such services, Customer Service will require a completed Work Order/Estimate form. This form is used for chargeback services and includes a complete description of the services required, a chargeback fund number, and a signature authorization. A Work Order/Estimate may be faxed to Customer Service at extension 4363, or e-mailed to to begin the paperwork, but services will not be initiated without an authorized original Work Order/Estimate received by Customer Service.

Some of our chargeback services may include the following: Installation of bulletin boards, furniture, and pictures, moving services, non-scheduled painting, re-keying of locks, remodeling and renovations, tram and shuttle rentals, and upgrading of equipment.