Facilities Planning and Management

Construction Updates

Cal Poly Pomona is planning for the future! We are preparing for carrying out the five year State and Non-State Capital Outlay programs with renewed assistance from the Chancellor's Office and Legislative support. It requires various skills to transform visions and plans into a reality and Facilities Planning at Cal Poly Pomona is charged with doing just that. In an ever-changing and growing campus community, the physical environment must appropriately support the changes and growth of the campus. Our role is to work with the students, faculty, administration, and staff to determine when, where, and how to make the changes that will support the university's mission. 

We have a team of professional and skilled staff who demonstrates commitment, dedication, and creativity as we work toward a common goal - providing an excellent campus environment for the students, faculty, staff, and community. As a team, our activity over the past year has been filled with accomplishments and changes, partnerships with other campus groups, and our on-going quality improvement initiatives.

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