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Facilities Planning and Management

Campus Master Plan

Master Plan Process

UPDATE: The 2020 Campus Master Plan is starting the environmental impact review process as required under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The final draft of the master plan document is in progress, with completion anticipated in Spring 2021. Campus Master Plan forums will be planned in Fall 2021. Adoption by the California State University Board of Trustees is anticipated in Fall 2022.

Cal Poly Pomona has embarked on a Campus Master Plan process that seeks to chart a new path for the future of the university. The existing Campus Master Plan was adopted in 2000, and the world is now a much different place. The next Campus Master Plan will take into account the history and legacy of Cal Poly Pomona, while at the same time examining the university’s polytechnic identity and preparing for the academic, technological, economic and industrial challenges that await on the horizon.

The architectural firm Ayers Saint Gross, which specializes in working with colleges and universities on planning, has been shepherding the master plan process. Working with the Master Plan Advisory Committee, Ayers Saint Gross has conducted hands-on workshops, open forums, walking tours of the campus, charrette sketch sessions and “listening sessions” with campus stakeholders to hear their viewpoints and concerns. The master planning team is examining all aspects of the university, including space analytics, sustainability, accessibility, traffic, enrollment, topography, infrastructure systems, campus safety, transit, landscaping, community engagement and facilities. The next Campus Master Plan aims to augment and support the objectives of the Strategic Plan and the Academic Master Plan, and be a reflection of the university’s vision statement:

Cal Poly Pomona will be the model for an inclusive polytechnic university that inspires creativity and innovation, embraces local and global challenges, and transforms lives.