Advisory Committee Members

Members of the Campus Master Plan Advisory Committee:


Committee Chair Danielle Manning - Vice President and CFO for Administration, Finance and Strategic Development
Staff Support to Committee Chair Walter Marquez - Associate Vice President for Facilities Planning and Management
Dan Johnson - Director for Planning, Design and Construction
Academic Planning and Student Success Sep Eskandari - Interim Associate Vice President for Academic Planning
Terri Gomez - Interim Associate Vice President for Student Success
Academic Senate Chair Julie Shen
Advancement Doug Nelson - Associate Vice President for Development
ASI and Student Government Farris Hamza - ASI President
Itzia Salinas - ASI Senator
ASI Executive Director Liz Roosa Millar
Athletics Brian Swanson - Director
Campus Consulting Architect Jim Wurst of HMC Architects
Campus Health and Wellbeing Leticia Gutierrez-Lopez - Associate Vice President
City of Pomona City Planning Director
Dean of Students Thomas Cruz-Soto - Associate Vice President
Deans Lisa Kessler - Don B. Huntley College of Agriculture
Joseph Rencis - College of Engineering
Disability Resource Center Tracee Passeggi - Director
Enrollment Management and Services Meredith Kelley - Interim Associate Vice President
Facilities Richard Farmer - Manager for Landscape Services
George Lwin - Manager for Energy Services
Jesse Ochoa - Manager for Building and Mechanical Services
Foundation Aaron Neilson - Director for Dinning Services
Information Technology Operations Peter Deutsch - Associate Vice President for IT Operations
Institutional Risk and Emergency Management Whitney Fields
Police Dario Robinson - Chief
Student Life and Housing Chris Chisler - Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
Megan Stang - Executive Director for Housing Services
Transportation and Parking Michael Biagi - Director of Parking and Transportation Services
John Lloyd - Professor