Financial Resources

Cal Poly Pomona offers students and families several alternatives to make education affordable. Each year, more than $132 million in financial aid and scholarships goes to over 67 percent of our students.

All students, regardless of their family's income, may apply for scholarships, merit awards, on-campus employment and student and parent loans.

In addition, students who apply for need-based aid are eligible for grants, loans and work study programs. Need-based aid includes funding that is provided by federal, state and institutional resources to students whose family's financial resources are insufficient to pay all or a portion of the total costs as determined by the information provided on the Federal Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If you qualify for need-based aid, both your direct and indirect expenses are considered when determining the amount of aid you may be awarded.

Many of our students also use an installment payment plan to spread out the payment of their portion of total costs.