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College Choice & Admissions

Selecting a college is about finding the best fit. Your student will likely look to you for support and guidance. Talk with your student about what he or she is looking for in a college experience. Together, identify limits or preferences such as geographic location, budget, or religious affiliation. This will help narrow the search. If possible, visit each campus with your student to get a good sense of the campus community.

If finances are a concern, don't underestimate all the financial assistance options available. Inquire to understand the portion of total costs that would be your student's responsibility.

Applying to more than one college is wise. Your student should include one or more "dream colleges" as well as a "back-up college." Deadlines and requirements are enforced at most campuses and your guidance will be important throughout the admission process. However, as part of the transition to a college environment, your student should take primary responsibility for meeting application deadlines.

Waiting for a response from college admissions and making a final decision can be both exciting and stressful. When it is time, your student may again seek out your advice. Encourage and allow your student to make the final choice. It will be an important step in taking charge of his or her life's experience.