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The Cal Poly Pomona Experience

Your son or daughter may be considering several colleges. What is important to you? Whether your concerns are about safety, quality of education, campus life, career preparation or all of the above, these are important issues to consider.

We pride ourselves on the high quality and uniqueness of our academic programs. Learning is at the center of every program, course and activity on campus. Our faculty and staff will tell you our learn-by-doing philosophy is what sets us apart. Our graduates' success is the proof. Our students learn skills that will benefit their future career as well as their personal success long after graduation.

A Cal Poly Pomona education is the opportunity of a lifetime. We celebrate the rich diversity of our vibrant campus community. Getting involved and having fun will be integral parts of your student's college experience.

Your student may have challenges unlike any he or she has experienced before. Our faculty and staff understand these challenges and will help your student overcome them. A wide range of academic and support programs and services are here to reinforce your student's ability to succeed.