Frequently Asked Questions

What does Cal Poly Pomona expect of their graduates?

When our students graduate from Cal Poly Pomona, they will be:

  • SKILLED PRACTITIONERS - armed with not only knowledge of the concepts and theories in their field, but also the verbal, written, and interpersonal abilities to apply that knowledge.
  • MULTIDISCLINARY THINKERS - able to think clearly and logically not only within the bounds of their primary field, but also across disciplines to arrive at creative, effective solutions.
  • WELL-BALANCED LEADERS - aware of their diverse environment, engaged in ongoing personal development and motivated by broad intellectual curiosity.

My daughter wants to live on campus but our family can't afford it. Do you have any advice?

The value of  living on campus outweighs the cost. Before your family makes this decision, carefully explore the financial resources available to your student. You may be surprised. 70 percent of our students receive over $165 million each year in financial aid and scholarships.

Why is living on campus important?

Cal Poly Pomona is undergoing an evolution - both structurally and culturally - from a commuter campus to a 24/7 community with a vibrant residential student population.

There's no better way for your student to enjoy the college experience than living on campus. Your student will find plenty of opportunities to build friendships and become immersed in our diverse campus culture. Your student will have quick access to professors, the library, computer labs, dining halls and recreational facilities. And he/she won't have to deal with commuting and parking, which means more time for all the other pursuits that make college fulfilling and fun.

Your student will enjoy amenities such as Fitness Express, 60-channel satellite TV service, wireless or high speed Internet connections, swimming pool, basketball court, pool tables, a wide choice of cafes and eateries, convenience stores and indoor/outdoor multipurpose community rooms.

Freshmen and Sophomores usually reside in the residence halls and suites in University Housing. Graduate and upper division students have two additional alternatives, University Village and our Center for Regenerative Studies.

What are the students like?

Cal Poly Pomona features one of the most multicultural student bodies in the nation. From a diversity of backgrounds, our students help foster a rich learning environment. Our students are also diverse in their career interests, and Cal Poly Pomona delivers a broad spectrum of academic, civic and social programs to choose from. Your student will be exposed to new ideas, new ways of thinking and new opportunities.

Is the campus safe?

Thanks to the cooperation of our faculty, staff and students, Cal Poly Pomona offers excellent security. The campus is protected 24/7 by fully certified peace officers who are also first responders to medical emergencies, fires and any other emergencies on campus. We even have a basic life support ambulance stationed on campus as an extra precaution.

The campus crime rate is low. Crimes against persons are very rare. Thefts and burglaries do sometimes occur and we work hard to prevent such crimes with the help of the campus community.  For more information about campus safety, emergency preparedness, crime statistics, and our University police, go to the University Police website.

What happens if there is an earthquake or other emergency situation?

The campus is prepared for major emergencies ranging from flood to earthquake. We have a full-time emergency planner and a cadre of "building marshals"--university staff members who volunteer to perform monthly workplace safety checks and to lead evacuations if needed.

How can I stay connected with my student?

It's important to your student’s academic and personal success that you continue to stay connected. We encourage you to talk to your student frequently. You can also find out what's happening on campus and event dates through our Cal Poly Pomona website and Polycentric, our web-based newsletter.