Programs & Services

Our students have high expectations when they arrive at Cal Poly Pomona. They plan to study hard and move quickly to graduation. The campus shares these goals. Yet, we also encourage our students to take the time to get involved in campus programs and activities to reinforce their learning and get the most out of their college years.

Your student may find from time to time that he or she would benefit from academic tutoring, guidance with choosing an academic major and career path, or simply tracking which requirements they still need to complete. Our students' success is our highest priority and academic advising and support are readily available.

Some students also have needs that require other types of assistance. These might include a physical or learning disability, financial need, medical care, counseling, employment or child care. Programs and services are in place to provide these services and more.

If your student attends Cal Poly Pomona, our parent and family orientation programs are a great way for you to get acquainted with our campus community and our full range of programs and services.