Student Health Fee

Mandatory Health Fee

The Mandatory Student Health Fee provides students access and services to Student Health & Wellness Services and Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) throughout the academic semester. Eligibility for services starts with the first day of the semester and lasts through the end of the break period immediately following that semester. In addition, fall semester eligibility begins with the first day of the break period preceding the start of the semester, provided the student is registered and fees have been paid. The health fee covers only those services provided on campus. Outside referrals are at the expense of each student. We do not accept any outside insurance so additional expenses must be paid at the time they are received.

If you are not enrolled during summer term, but intend to return in the fall (“Continuing Student Status”), you may use the health services on a fee-per-visit basis (roughly 1/3 of the established fee) for the first 3 visits. After that, you do not have to pay a visit charge.