Health Insurance

You do not need to have insurance to use Student Health & Wellness Services and Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS). However, supplemental health insurance is strongly recommended (and recently, the law) for those times when we are closed or when you may need more specialized care for an accident or other injury. PLEASE NOTE: STUDENT HEALTH DOES NOT BILL OUTSIDE INSURANCE PROVIDERS.

Currently Enrolled Domestic Students:

Your prepaid student health fee covers most services. However, in the event you need more extensive care or need to be referred to a specialist, you will be responsible for the cost of that outside care. We do not accept any outside insurance as payment, nor do we bill any outside insurance providers. If you incur any expenses, it is your responsibility to submit the bills to your own insurance carrier for any possible reimbursement.

Due to new the health care reform law, you may be eligible to remain on your parent's health insurance plan. Check into this now before you graduate! Download a free Graduation Toolkit to help stay better informed.

If you are no longer eligible under your parent’s insurance, you may be eligible for financial assistance in paying the costs of insurance coverage. Covered CA is the online marketplace for affordable, quality health insurance. For more information about Covered California or to learn if you may be eligible for financial assistance, visit

Or check out some other alternatives to the right.

International Students:

As an international student, you are required to carry comprehensive health insurance provided by the CSU mandated carrier, and purchased prior to enrollment. For more information refer to the International student health insurance page. If you have any questions, please direct your questions to the International Center.