Survivor Advocacy Services FAQs

Frequesntly Asked Questions:

What is a Survivor Advocate?

Survivor advocates are certified sexual assault and domestic/dating violence counselors. They have gone through extensive training on how to support survivors and provide resources. As Survivor Advocates we believe that only the survivor knows what the best course of action is for them. We don’t push survivors to do anything they don’t want to.

What can a Survivor Advocate do for me?

Survivor Advocates provide a safe and confidential listening ear for survivors of sexual abuse, relationship abuse and stalking. They also provide support to friends and family of survivors. A Survivor Advocate can do the following:

  • Listen without judgment
  • Provide you with options
  • Provide information about reporting procedures and what to expect
  • Answer questions about police reporting, restraining orders and Title IX
  • Accompany a survivor and provide support when reporting to law enforcement (on and off campus) and the Title IX Office
  • Provide information about restraining orders
  • Court Accompaniments

How do I make an appointment?

You can make an appointment online HERE. You may also call the Survivor Advocate at 909-869-3102 or email at to schedule an appointment. Please be advised that email and voicemail are not confidential or secure forms of communication. In order to protect your privacy, it is advised that you only leave contact information or your availability to schedule an appointment. Please do not share any detailed information about your situation via voicemail or email.

How is the Survivor Advocate different than a counselor from Counseling Services?

Survivor advocates are not therapists; we are here to provide support and information about taking any sort of action (i.e. finding resources, filing reports, safety planning, etc.).

Do I have to make a report to the police before I seek support services from SAS?

No. If you decide to file a police report the Survivor Advocate can provide an accompaniment for support and guidance.

Will you report students to their parents, police or other school authorities?

No, everything discussed with a Survivor Advocate is completely confidential with few exceptions.

  • Survivor is 17 years old or younger. We are mandated to report any current abuse of minors.
  • If someone discloses that they intend to hurt themselves or others.

Is this service only available to CPP students?

No, we also provide services for CPP staff and faculty. Non-CPP affiliated survivors that request services will be referred to an outside agency.

I have a friend/family member that has experienced abuse, can I come speak to the Survivor Advocate for support?

Absolutely! The Survivor Advocate can provide friends and family members with information, resources and tips on how to help your friend or family member.

Does SAS provide services after-hours or during weekends?

The Survivor Advocate is usually available Monday-Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm. In urgent cases the Survivor Advocate may respond after hours or on weekends, when contacted by the University Police Department. If a survivor decides to file a police report they have the right to have a Survivor Advocate present. Survivors should inform law enforcement that they are requesting a Survivor Advocate and law enforcement will arrange it.

Who is Cal Poly Pomona’s Survivor Advocate?

Ms. Mayra Romo is Cal Poly Pomona’s confidential Survivor Advocate. Ms. Romo is a Certified Sexual Assault Advocate and a Certified Domestic Violence Counselor. Mayra has been a survivor advocate for nine years. She utilizes an empowerment-based approach to survivor advocacy which means that she supports any decision a survivor makes regarding their situation. Feel free to contact Ms. Romo directly for any questions of information, she may be located via email at or phone at 909-869-3102.

What if I don’t feel comfortable seeking the Survivor Advocate on campus?

Some people may feel nervous about meeting with the Survivor Advocate on campus… and that’s ok! You can seek support from our amazing local community partners HERE . You can also receive online web-based support HERE .