Broncos Care Program - Basic Needs

Contact Info:

Judy Juarez- Care Services Coordinator, Broncos Care Program
Phone: (909) 869-2763


What is the Broncos Care Program?

The Cal Poly Pomona Broncos Care Program is a comprehensive campus-wide Basic Needs’ initiative that serves students experiencing housing instability, food insecurity, and other emergency/crisis situations. 

The program goals are to provide students in need with:

  • Food resources
  • Housing support
  • Emergency funds
  • Case-management support

All of these areas play a critical role in a student’s academic success, health and wellbeing.  This is a campus-wide prevention and early intervention program hosted by the Division of Student Affairs. 

Food Resources

Mobile Food Pantry

Cal Poly Pomona, in partnership with Sowing Seeds for Life, has established a Mobile Food Pantry event that aims to provide groceries and toiletries for up to 400 CPP students per month.

Mobile Pantry Dates:

  • August  - 28th
  • September – 25th
  • October – 23rd
  • November – 27th

 **All mobile pantry dates are scheduled for 11:30 am to 1:30 pm 

ASI Food Pantry-coming Spring 2019!

In partnership with the ASI student leaders, responsible auxiliary staff members, community partners and other campus partners, the plan to develop a food distribution program is underway (physical pantry in the Bronco Student Center).

CalFresh Outreach Program

CalFresh is a nutrition assistance program that helps low-income individuals and families buy the food they need. Assistance and support throughout application process provided.

Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Accessibility

Currently Cal Poly Pomona has three campus locations that have EBT accessibility: Vista Market, Campus Center Marketplace and the Farm Store.

Feed a Bronco Meal Sharing Program

A peer-to-peer philanthropic opportunity for students to support fellow Broncos experiencing food insecurity.  Students will be able to donate a maximum of one meal per semester toward these efforts. The program will provide students with food insecurities the ability to access meals on campus. To ensure confidentiality and minimize stigma related feelings, the meals will be placed on the student's ID card. 

Housing Security Support

The Short-Term Emergency Housing Assistance Program

The Short-Term Emergency Housing Assistance Program provides students experiencing housing instability and displacement with temporary university housing to ensure a student’s safety and wellbeing as they acquire permanent and secure housing. Placement in the Short-Term Emergency Housing is no longer than a two (1-2) week stay, pending space availability.

  • Examples:
    • Sleeping in a car or any place that’s not a residence
    • Sleeping on friends' couches
    • Having to move out of current residence with no place to live

 For students with children or dependents, efforts would be made to accommodate students at Kellogg West or at a local hotel.

Holistic Support and Case Management

Our Care Services Coordinator is here to provide students with immediate support during their unexpected emergency or crisis situation through meals, short-term emergency housing, or emergency funds facilitation and linkage to resources.

The idea is not just to provide food, emergency housing, or monetary support, but also to make sure that students develop the skills to optimize the use of their local community resources (accessing health insurance, Social Services, Low-Cost Housing, mental health care, etc.).

The Broncos Care Basic Needs Care Services Coordinator can meet with you in person or over the phone and develop a plan that fits your needs best. 

Emergency Grant Options-coming soon

Students who have been involved in an unforeseen emergency, crisis, or catastrophic event may apply for the Bronco Student Emergency Grant.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Be an enrolled and matriculated Cal Poly Pomona student
  • Be able to demonstrate an urgent financial need (Supporting documentation is helpful where appropriate)

 Example of emergency situations:

  • Displacement: Living in your car; Living on the street; Loss of fixed regular and adequate housing
  • Medical Expense: Unexpected hospitalization or severe illness 

Are you in need of resources?

If you or someone you know needs support to secure food and housing stability please contact Judy Juarez-Care Services Coordinator to get connected with resources. or (909) 869-2763. 

Interested in donating or volunteering?

We are always looking for organizations and people to help in any way possible. If you are interested in donating or volunteering please contact Judy Juarez at


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