Counseling FAQs

What kind of services does Counseling Services provide?

Students may take advantage of the following services: brief individual counseling, couples or group counseling, crisis intervention, and outreach services.

Where is Counseling Services located?

Counseling Services is located in Building 66, the Bronco Bookstore Building, Room 116. To view a map, click here.

What about privacy and confidentiality?

Seeking counseling is a private and confidential process. Information disclosed in counseling may not be revealed to anyone outside of Counseling Services without your expressed written permission unless there is an immediate safety issue.

Is there a fee for Counseling Services?

No. All Counseling Services are offered at no charge to enrolled Cal Poly Pomona students and provided by funding from the mandatory student health fee.

Am I eligible to receive Counseling Services?

To be eligible, Cal Poly Pomona students must be enrolled during the quarter they receive Counseling Services. Please note: Extended/Open University students and IPOLY High School students are not eligible for Counseling Services.

Why would I use Counseling Services?

Although family and friends can be a source of support, their relationships with you can make it difficult for them to provide unbiased feedback. When personal issues interfere with your ability to concentrate and succeed in college, professional counseling can offer an unbiased perspective, support, guidance, and access to resources as you develop new skills, explore options, and solve problems.

Does going to Counseling Services mean that I am "crazy" or "unstable?"

Absolutely not! Personal circumstances and pressures that often occur with the college experience can lead to stress, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, mental health challenges, and other overwhelming obstacles. Students seeking Counseling Services do so to address stressful events and personal challenges that can disrupt their academic progress.

Who are the counselors?

The Counseling Services staff are a culturally diverse group of highly qualified mental health professionals including licensed doctoral-level psychologists, licensed doctoral family therapists and postdoctoral residents. Counselors are also fluent in Spanish, Mandarin and Vietnamese.

How do I get started?

You may begin the counseling process by scheduling an intake appointment to determine your individual needs and treatment plan. Counseling Services may also recommend other on-campus and community resources that might benefit you. To schedule your intake appointment, you may contact us at (909) 869-3220 or stop by our office located in Building 66, Room 116. Check our office hours for available times.

How do I request a counselor to come speak at my class/club/fraternity/sorority/dorm?

To request our outreach services, please complete an Outreach Service Request Form. We will do our best to accommodate you! We encourage students, staff, and faculty to let us know what topics they would like to explore. Please submit all requests at least 3 weeks in advance.