Our Services

Individual & Couples Counseling

Students come in to speak with a professional counselor one-on-one about various issues. While college can be exciting and fun, it can also be stressful and challenging. Students find our services helpful when they have experienced loss of motivation, difficulty concentrating, sadness or other life challenges. Left unaddressed, these issues can result in marked changes in academic performance and life satisfaction. Major life stressors can include any loss or disappointment, family problems, or relationship issues. Sometimes, major life events such as engagements, graduation, and otherwise positive life changes can create stress. If you notice in yourself or loved ones dramatic shifts in feelings or behaviors, we can help. If you are feeling overwhelmed or are experiencing sleep difficulties, anxiety, loneliness, or sadness, the services of a mental health professional can be helpful. We offer brief therapy to students enrolled at Cal Poly Pomona.

We offer couples counseling to students and their significant others who are also students at Cal Poly Pomona. Your initial appointment provides an opportunity for you to discuss with the counselor goals for couples counseling. Many couples come to Counseling Services to find better ways to resolve conflict, communicate, or manage stress from major life events.

Call us during normal business hours to schedule an initial appointment.

Groups/Classes/ Workshops

As time and staffing permit, groups, classes and workshops are facilitated by trained mental health professionals to meet both the personal and academic needs of our students. Group therapy can provide student members with diverse views, responses and feedback. Classes are an opportunity for students to learn new skills and coping mechanisms for various challenges they may encounter while pursuing their academic and personal goals. Workshops can cover a variety of topics within the area of mental health. We offer workshops to Cal Poly Pomona faculty and staff as well as our students. Workshop or program requests are handled through our Outreach Request Form.

Crisis Counseling and Consultation

Read more on how to reach us for crisis counseling and consultation.

Psychiatric Treatment/Medication Protocol

Initial appointments to see a psychiatrist at Health Services are by referrals from our counselors or primary care providers. Once a course of treatment has been recommended by the psychiatrist, you may schedule follow-up appointments at the time of your initial and subsequent visits. You may also book a follow up appointment or re-schedule appointments by phone by calling 909 869-4000. Please be mindful that if you cannot make your appointment for any reason, you are responsible for calling to cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance. Your not showing is potentially depriving others of a chance to be seen. If you are taking medication, be mindful to schedule follow up appointments before you run out of your medication supply.