Crisis Counseling and Consultation



As a Cal Poly Pomona student, emergency consultation and crisis counseling is available to you in person during normal business hours and by telephone after business hours. Major life stressors (e.g., a recent death, sexual or physical assault, suicidal thoughts or experiencing hallucinations, being the victim of a crime, etc) may necessesitate the need to talk to someone immediately. If you are feeling overwhelmed or struggling with feelings of sadness or emotional pain due to an urgent concern, come to our office (Bldg. 66-116) to be seen by a professional. You will need to complete brief paperwork and indicate you need to be seen today. A mental health counselor will talk to you and provide help if additional services are needed.

On-Site Crisis Response:

In situations that are critical and require Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) assistance but cannot be brought to our confidential office, CAPS will respond by coming to the crisis. A CAPS counselor responding in this situation will work to maintain the privacy and confidentiality as much as possible, while also getting the safety and support of helpful campus professionals like University Housing, Student Health, or University Police if necessary.

After Hours Phone Consultation:

We understand that an urgent need to talk to someone can happen outside of our regular business hours too, and to help students in these situations, crisis phone counselors are available. Students can call the CAPS phone number, (909) 869-3220, press option 2 and be connected to a trained phone counselor for assistance. A CAPS counselor may follow up with you the next day regarding your use of after-hours support to offer additional support or resources.

Suicide Prevention

Read more information on Suicide Prevention and learn how to recognize early warning signs of suicide.

Resources for Coping with Distressing Events

When tragic events occur in a community the impact may be felt in the days and weeks that follow. It is normal to experience a variety of emotions and reactions.  If you have been affected by recent tragic events, the university has resources available to you.

Resources for Students

Students may reach out to Counseling & Psychological Services, which is located in Building 66, Room 116. The phone number is 909-869-3220.

Resources for Faculty and Staff

Helpful tips from a peer institution on how to talk about a tragedy in the classroom:

Faculty and Staff in need of support who would like to speak to someone after the recent events, may contact Dr. Leticia Gutierrez-Lopez, associate vice president for Campus Health and Wellbeing, at 909-869-2760, or Dr. Lavada Austin, director of the University Ombuds Office, at 909-869-3728.  Another resource available for all employees is CPPLifeMatters at 800-367-7474.

Self-care after distressing events

Recovering from Disasters