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Privacy Practices

Privacy Practices

According to 45 C.F.R.160, you have a right to know the Student Health Services (SHS) guidelines and procedures regarding your health information and, in most instances, to consent or to refuse consent to disclose such information to others. No member of the University’s management, staff, or faculty is entitled to such information without your written consent. Neither your spouse nor a parent is automatically entitled to receive health information about you. By law, your protected health information may be provided without your consent in some criminal investigations or in certain public health and emergency circumstances.

Your protected health information consists of that which we collect in the course of your medical care here and such information as you provide or authorize us to get from others. Such information may be used for internal quality assurance studies, but study results will not be disclosed to outside agencies so as to identify you or your medical conditions.

Your medical record is accessible only to members of the SHS staff serving you. Safeguards regarding incidental use and disclosure of protected information within the SHS have been established which still permit the staff to freely explore and discuss the best treatment options with and for you. When not in use, the record is secured, as is any information in electronic form.

Disclosure of Protected Health Information

You must specifically authorize the SHS to use or disclose protected information in most non-routine circumstances. The SHS does not sell or otherwise provide protected health information to a business that may want to market its products or services to you.  With your written permission, a copy of part or all of a medical record may be sent to other physicians or hospitals at no charge. There is a charge for each copy sent to attorneys, investigating agencies, or others you designate. Medical information is accessed and disclosed to appropriate staff and government agencies in our daily operations and in compliance with state and federal regulations.

Your Rights

  1. You may request a copy of your record for your personal use. An “Authorization for Release and/or Disclosure of Medical Information” form is available on our Medical Records web page.
  2. You may request corrections of your record subject to preserving the integrity of the documentation of the treatment process. Normally, a review of your medical record should be done in consultation with a health care professional.
  3. If you believe your privacy protections have been violated, you may file a formal complaint with the SHS or the University. You may also have the right to pursue formal legal actions in state or federal court.

This written notice of SHS privacy practices and your privacy rights is provided as a matter of law, in accordance with The Privacy Rule “Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information” of April 14, 2001. Before any clinical services are provided, you must acknowledge receipt of the Notice of Privacy Practices Form via the left hand link to My Bronco Health Manager, the secure online web portal to your health information. We reserve the right to change our practices and to make the new provisions effective for all individually identifiable health information we maintain.