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Mental Health Community Resources

Professional Organizations

American Psychological Association

Prepared resources to provide information on mental health and psychological issues that face us all. They're collected into topical groups of consumer information, family and the mind-body connection. You'll also find a list here of state and provincial psychological associations, many of which offer referrals for mental health services, as well as a link to association ethics documents.

Mental Health Net 

Your personal, award-winning, definitive guide to mental health, psychology, and psychiatry resources online from yourfriends in Columbus, Ohio.

California Board of Behavioral Sciences

Responsible for consumer protection through the regulation of Marriage, Family, and Child Counselors (MFCC); Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW); Licensed Educational Psychologists (LEP); MFCC Interns; LCSW Associates; MFCC Corporations; and LCSW Corporations in the State of California.

California Board of Psychology 

Protects the health, safety and welfare of consumers of psychological services.

National Eating Disorders Association 

Dedicated to expanding public understanding of eating disorders and promoting access to quality treatment for those affected along with support for their families through education, advocacy and research.