Get the Help You Need

If you identify as a victim/survivor of sexual assault, stalking, or dating/domestic abuse, please know that it is not your fault. You are not alone and remember that there are people ready and willing to support you no matter your circumstances.

What to do

  • Ensure physical safety:  If you are in immediate danger or feel like you are not safe, please call 9-1-1 or the University Police Department if you are on campus. Safety is a main priority and if possible, remove yourself from any hostile situation and seek refuge where you feel safe. (i.e. a friend or family member’s home)

  • Seek medical care:  If you have been physically harm or have any existing physical injuries, consider seeking medical attention immediately. If you want access to a forensic exam, Pomona Valley Hospital can offer you one. (Read more about forensic exams)

If you are hesitant to see a medical provider alone or feel unsafe to do so, there are hospital accompaniments. You have the right to an advocate or support person at all times. Please refer to other resources provided for more informatio n. (Project Sister Family Services & House of Ruth)

  • Get connected with Survivor Advocacy Services (SAS):  Our campus Survivor Advocate Service Coordinator is a professional staff who is here to offer you support and allow you to consider options in a safe and supportive environment. Refer to contact information on the right.

  • Utilize resources:  There a range of resources on and off campus that work with individuals that experience similar experiences. Below are the resources on campus. Some are completely confidential and some are not. For off campus and alternative resources, please refer to the resource guide [COMING SOON].

On Campus Resources

Confidential Services

Non-Confidential Services

***ATTENTION: The services listed in this column are MANDATED REPORTERS, meaning they are NOT confidential. They will respect your right to privacy. However, if they were told about any instance of abuse and/or violence, they are required by law to report it to the appropriate officials, which can lead to an investigation. ***

Survivor Advocacy Services (SAS)
SAS Peer Educator
Building 66-117B
University Police
Building 109
(Adjacent to the Parking Structure – at the corner of Cypress and Magnolia Ln. Use the 15-minute parking if you are a visitor without a campus-parking permit.)
Naomi M. Chu, LMSW Survivor Advocate Services Coordinator
Building 66-119
Office of Equity, Inclusion & Compliance (OEIC)
Linda Hoos
Chief Diversity Officer and Assistant Vice President
CLA Building 98-B1-35
Counseling Services
After Hours Crisis Support: (909) 869-3220 then press “2” (Available 24/7)
Walk-in services available during normal business hours
Building 66-116
Student Health Services
You can also make limited medical appointments online using Bronco Health Manager.
Building 46, Main entrance
(On University Drive, across from ENV and by Parking Lot J)