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Slideshow of Wellness Center location and services offered

Professional and student health educators are located in the SHCS Wellness Center, Bldg 46 West Entrance. The Wellness Center is a drop-in facility, committed to creating a supportive environment for life-enhancing behaviors which contribute to individual health, community well-being, and academic achievement. Our educational programming, services, and resources enable students to play active roles in achieving, protecting, and sustaining health and wellness.

Health Educators are available for individual appointments to provide education on a variety of health topics at no cost. In addition, the Wellness Center offer classes & workshops during the quarter and hosts programs and events designed to educate students and the campus community. Review our request for Outreach/Program Assistance on the left.

Further academic support is provided through the Wellness Card program designed to help you stay well and make healthy choices. Drop by the Wellness Center the next time you're up our way!