21st Birthday Card

Brought to you by your friends at SHS Wellness Center. Celebrate responsibly and have a happy birthday. For more info: 909-869-4000Have a party and some fun now that you've turned 21. After all, today is for you. Be safe and smart, get to 22. boogie down, do it right. Let's make this a super night!

Today is a day to celebrate and have fun. While some people believe that college students always drink alcohol in excess when they party, that is not the case here at Cal Poly Pomona. According to a survey done here in 2016, of those students who drink, 72% had 4 drinks or less the last time they parited. And, 84% of CPP students don’t engage in high risk drinking (defined as 5 or more drinks in one sitting).

If you do choose to drink, here are some tips to reduce your risk of negative consequences:

  1. Eat a full meal before you go out.
  2. Use the buddy system and a designated driver to avoid unwanted hook-ups, a DUI, or drunk driving crash.
  3. Pace yourself, stick to one alcoholic drink per hour and alternate with water or a non-alcoholic drink.
  4. Avoid drinking games, where it can be difficult to keep track of your drinks.
  5. Know the signs of alcohol poisoning:
    • Person consumed a large quantity of alcohol in a short period of time
    • Cannot be awakened — No response to pinching the skin
    • Difficult, slow, or irregular breathing (less than 8 breaths per minute/or 10 seconds or more between breaths)
    • Vomiting while sleeping/unconscious
    • Cold, clammy, pale or bluish skin

If someone has any of the signs of alcohol poisoning, get help immediately! Call 911, turn the person on his or her side, and monitor their breathing until help arrives.

Did you know that of those students who drink, 25% of Cal Poly Pomona students did something they later regretted as a result of using alcohol? Make a plan and stick to it — you will be happier in the morning!

Be sure to stop in at the Wellness Center (Bldg. 46) to pick up your copy of the card as well as a surprise gift from us!