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MUST HELP-an acronym for responding to someone abusing alcoholFor some college students, choosing to abstain from alcohol is the best choice. However, if you choose to drink it is important that you know your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). Alcohol is considered a drug because it is a depressant; it depresses the central nervous system.

Drinking alcohol may cause feelings of pleasure and relaxation which can cause some people to be more social and talkative. These positive feelings change as alcohol is eliminated from the body and can lead to feelings of drowsiness, which can cause people to become quiet and withdrawn. As a result, some people continue to drink in order to keep those initial feelings going which later increases the amount of alcohol that they have consumed. The physical and behavioral changes in someone that has had too much to drink may be apparent but it is important to know how alcohol works in the body to produce those effects.

  • Individual Consultations for Alcohol and Drugs:
    • Is your substance use interfering with your daily life activities?
    • Has someone ever suggested you quit drinking or using drugs?
    • Do you know someone whose abusive lifestyle is impacting your life?

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