Stress Management Program

Are you stressed out?  College is an extremely stressful time for most students.  The SHCS Wellness Center is here to help you out.  We have assessments available so you can assess your level of stress as well as informational sheets with tips on how to decrease stress and manage your time. If you would like to talk to someone, you can make an appointment with one of our Health Educators (909-869-5272) to learn ways to personally decrease stress and to pick up tips to manage your stress.


Screenshot of the EM-Wave Computer ProgramWe also have the EM-Wave®, a computer program that shows you how your thoughts and emotions affect your heart rate and nervous system. This program will teach you how to shift your emotional state to see changes in your heart rhythms and unify your mind and body.  All of this is free for you at the SHCS Wellness Center. Come in any time we're open to use this.