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Low Cost Services

All Cal Poly Pomona students pre-pay a mandatory, quarterly health fee at the time of registration that covers most services with Student Health Services and the Wellness Center. There are no co-pays, and you may schedule unlimited office visits with clinicians, nurses, or health educators. Basic laboratory work (performed at our lab) as well as X-rays are also covered by your quarterly health fee.

Occasionally, your caretaker may order additional tests or services, including immunizations, that may not be covered by your health fee. You will be expected to pay for services by cash, check, Mastercard or Visa at the time they are rendered.

The following is a list of the most common lab and other services along with their cost. Call the Lab at 909-869-2742 to inquire about the availability of other lab tests. 

Service Price  
A/B/O & Rh Blood Typing (or donate blood for free and you'll find out!) $6.25  
Arthritic Panel $23.50  
Cane Rental $1.00 / wk
Chemfile (screening test for heart, liver & kidney functions) $33.00  
Coagulation Panel $7.50  
College of the Extended University Student $30.00 / visit, max of $60/qtr
Continuing Student (CPP student who is not taking classes current quarter but who will return to school the following quarter) $25.00 maximum of $75/qtr
Copy of medical records $1.00 / min.+ $.20/page
CPR/AED One-Day Class $60.00  
Crutch Rental $2.00 / wk


    AEROBIC– Genital


    AEROBIC– Stool (Campy/Salmonella/Shigella)


    AEROBIC– Urine








ELS (English Language Student) Enrollee $30.00 / visit, max of $60/qtr
HB Surface Antibody Quantitative $5.75  
HB Surface Antigen $7.00  
HB Surface Antigen Confirmation $7.00  
Hepatitis B Core (total) Antibody $8.50  
Hepatitis C Antibody $6.75  
Hepatitis B Screen
Hepatitis Panel, General $31.50  
Herpes Antibody, Type I & II (IgG) $7.50  
Herpes Simplex Smear DFA $48.25  
HPV (thin prep)


Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Test (blood draw; FREE weekly oral swab testing at the Wellness Center) $24.00  
Hypothyroid Profile & TSH $14.75  
Iron Total


Lyme Disease Ab, IgG and IgM $53.00  
O & P (Ova & Parasites) 3X $29.25  
Pap (Sure Path)  $24.50  
Prescription Medications Cost of Medication + ~$1 pkg. fee
Rubella blood test, IgG (EIA) $5.75  
Rubeola ("Measles") blood test, IgG ab $6.00  
TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone)


Toxicology Profile (Amphetamines, Barbiturates, Opiates, Cocaine, PCP, Marijuana) or "Drug Screen" $18.00  
Varicella Blood Test (for immunity to Chicken Pox) $4.50  
(Prices effective as of 12/20/13 but subject to change without notice.)