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Out for Blood

Thank You Broncos--We Won Back Our Trophy!

Out For Blood Challenge CPP vs. Mt. SACNext Competition Drive:


October 13—15, 2015
9:00am - 7:15pm
BSC Ursa Minor


Beginning in the Fall of 2006, Cal Poly Pomona began a competition against Mt. SAC to see who could raise the most blood during October and April drive dates. We won back our trophy after our April 2014 drive and we had a great turn out for our October 2014 drive. Now it's up to you to help us keep it! Won't you take just an hour of your time to help save the lives of 3 people, and show Mt. SAC that we can save more lives? Here is the running tally of winners:



Academic Year Winning School Number of Pints Collected for CPP Number of Pints Collected for Mt. SAC
2006/2007 Tied Race! 439 each 439 each
2007/2008 Cal Poly Pomona 453 434
2008/2009 Cal Poly Pomona 428 402
2009/2010 Mt. SAC 429 446
2010/2011 Cal Poly Pomona 397 329
2011/2012 Cal Poly Pomona 386 372
2012/2013 Mt. SAC 383 439
2013/2014 Cal Poly Pomona 409 357
2014/2015 Cal Poly Pomona CPP won but don't have final numbers