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Wellness Card

What is the Wellness Card Program?

The Wellness Card program is designed to increase your awareness of the services available through Student Health and Counseling Services. Our goal is to help you stay well and to make healthy choices.


Need an activity for extra credit or a make up day? Looking for an out of class activity that is educational and beneficial for your class? The Wellness Card has been well-received by many faculty on campus. Research shows that healthier students perform better academically*. Additionally, activities on the Wellness Card focus on changing health behaviors, and students can benefit from better health behaviors throughout their lifetime.


  • University of Minnesota. "Grades In College Directly Linked To Health-Related Behaviors." ScienceDaily 22 October 2008.
  • M. Scott Deberard, Glen I. Spielmans, Deana L. Julka; Predictors of Academic Achievement and Retention among College Freshmen: A Longitudinal Study; College Student Journal, Vol. 38, 2004

How Does It Work?

  1. Decide which of the various health assessments listed below you would like to complete (If the Wellness Card is a class assignment or extra credit opportunity, your instructor may have pre-selected a program and/or assessments for you to complete, so be sure to check with her or him. We recommend a class assignment level of 50 points). Some assessments may require an appointment. However, the majority of the assessments can be completed on your own time schedule.
  2. Complete the program or assessment as indicated and review them with a Wellness Center staff member. Some assessments can be performed on site. Other assessments are written assessments, in which you discuss your responses to questions with a staff member.
  3. All assessments and worksheets are available at the SHCS Wellness Center, Bldg. 46, and many are available online.

Appointment-required Assessments

Non-Appointment Assessments

Fitness Assessments–complete at the Wellness Center

  • Aerobic Capacity: 3-minute step test to assess cardiovascular endurance of the heart
  • Flexibility: stretching exercises that show flexibility of the different muscles and joints
  • Strength: push-up and sit-up test to assess abdominal and upper body strength

Physical Health Assessments–complete at the Wellness Center

  • Blood Pressure: assesses blood pressure and provides information on how to maintain a healthy range and/or lower bp if needed
  • Foot Clinic: demonstrates what type of foot/arch one has by taking a footprint; suggests appropriate support in shoes for every day and exercising
  • Lung Volume: measured by blowing into a Peak Flow Meter; suggestions given on how to increase lung capacity by exercise, deep breathing, etc.

Skills Assessments–Complete one-on-one with a Health Educator at the Wellness Center.

  • Create a Healthy Plate: demonstrate what constitutes a standard serving size and the # of servings per food group for an individual
  • Demonstrate Condom Proficiency: proper use of a condom is demonstrated
  • Heimlich Maneuver: how to assist someone who is choking
  • Pour Me a Drink: demonstrates proper serving size of the different types of alcohol (beer, wine, shots, mixed drinks)


  • Healthy Lifestyles Inventory (1-week program) provides points for engaging in health enhancing behaviors
  • Healthy Steps (4-week program) designed to increase the number of steps walked each day
  • Pedometer Walk (Borrow one of our pedometers and follow our routes)
  • emWave/Stress Reduction (computer program available only at the Wellness Center) that uses biofeedback software to measure your stress and teaches you to reduce it through deep breathing and lowering your heart rate

Online Activities

  • Food Label Video (After viewing a video, take an assessment to verify completion)
  • StudentHealth101 (Click on "Get Your SH101" at the bottom of page to subscribe to this online monthly magazine. Print email verification of subscription for proof of completion)
  • What's Your BAC? (Discuss with a Health Educator)

Written Health Assessments

Online Only Assessments

Orientation Video of Health Services and Wellness Services 

  • Watch an orientation video of our services
  • Complete a brief online survey
  • Print out your responses BEFORE YOU HIT SUBMIT and bring it into the Wellness Center for proof of completion

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