What is the Honors College?

The Kellogg Honors College (KHC) is a community of talented and motivated students — the "Honors students" at Cal Poly Pomona (CPP). KHC provides an enriching and intellectually stimulating setting for its students, who pursue their academic goals within their respective majors in an environment that fosters involvement, passion and curiosity. The college augments their scholastic experience through individual advising and mentoring to support personal and intellectual growth and successful program completion. Honors faculty promote active and reflective learning through innovative pedagogy. The Honors College also fosters a thriving social environment where students are regularly engaged with their peers through civic engagement projects as well as social and cultural events. Through involvement in activities such as tutoring, leadership in student organizations and residence halls, as well as outstanding academic performance in the classroom, the Honors community is a catalyst for excellence throughout the university.

What do Honors students do?

Honors students take Honors sections for several of their required classes, have access to an Honors Commons, have funded opportunities to attend local, state and national conferences, attend cultural events such as plays and opera, get individual advising and mentoring and are eligible to receive priority registration. Honors classes are taught by selected faculty and limited to just 20 students. These classes often include added depth and breadth and therefore are often more challenging, but not "harder" in the traditional sense. Graduating Honors students report that Honors classes are among the most fun, interesting and memorable aspects of being in Honors.

Requirements to maintain good standing in the Kellogg Honors College include: 3.30 or higher Cal Poly Pomona GPA, approximately 15 hours of civic engagement (community service) per year, and full-time enrollment. Honors students must complete a minimum number of Honors courses before graduation to earn Honors distinctions on their transcripts and diploma. Honors students must also complete the "Honors Capstone," which is an independent project mentored by a faculty member and typically completed in spring semester of the senior year. Every Capstone project is presented in a conference-like setting at the KHC's Convocation held in April.

How do I apply?

The Honors application is a separate process and open to all high-achieving applicants to CPP. The application is holistic, asking not only for test scores and GPA, but letters of recommendation, essays and other details that Cal Poly faculty evaluate for the student's potential for accomplishment. Typically, Honors students also have high test scores and a high GPA. The application is available online starting December 20 and the deadline is February 15. Students from all majors are encouraged to apply as entering freshmen. A special Saturday recruitment event called the Showcase of Excellence is held every winter (late January) for current high school seniors who applied to the university. High-achieving beginning transfer students, as well as a limited number of rising second-year students who have just completed a full academic year at CPP, can also apply to the Honors College in spring.


The Kellogg Honors College formed in the spring of 2003 with 46 students as the Cal Poly Pomona Honors Program. In 2005 the Honors Program was renamed the Kellogg Honors College after a generous donation from Jean Kellogg. Over the last 10 years, the Kellogg Honors College has grown to 330 students.