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Kellogg Honors College Sophomore Application

Welcome to the Kellogg Honors College sophomore application.  This application is open only to current Cal Poly Pomona first-time freshmen students who will complete their first year at the conclusion of Spring 2017.  Applicants should achieve a minimum 3.50 Cal Poly Pomona GPA and earn at least 36 units at Cal Poly Pomona by the end of Spring 2017.  Applicants must submit written responses to a series of essay prompts and provide contact information for a faculty reference (in lieu of a letter of recommendation).  The recommender must be a Cal Poly Pomona faculty member (instructor/professor) who the applicant completed a course with during the 2015-2016 academic year.  We may contact the recommender during the application review process.  Please obtain permission from the recommender before submitting his/her contact information. The application deadline is 11:59 PM on May 31, 2017 extended to 7:00 AM on June 12, 2017.

Application closed on June 12, 2017.
Admissions decisions will be sent via CPP email in July August 2017.

Students admitted to the Kellogg Honors College as sophomores must meet the following requirements to maintain good standing in the honors college:

  • 3.30 or higher GPA for all Cal Poly Pomona coursework
  • Complete 15 hours of community service each year
  • Complete 5 honors courses before graduating from Cal Poly Pomona, which includes the Capstone project