Workout Policies

  1. Use the equipment in a safe manner.
  2. No open-toed shoes are allowed.
  3. Always bring your membership card and ID.
  4. No guests. All members must be qualified through the Fitness Express orientation process.
  5. Towels are required. This helps reduce bodily secretion accumulations and helps to preserve the upholstery.
  6. No jeans. It wears down the upholstery.
  7. You must wear a shirt/top at all times.
  8. No drinks except in sealed containers such as water bottles.
  9. No glass bottles are allowed.
  10. Do not open the doors for anyone.
  11. Do not prop the entrance doors open.
  12. Be courteous and enjoy your workout.
  13. You should have had a recent physical examination.
  14. Report all fitness related concerns to the Fitness Express staff immediately.