Kellogg Drive Realignment

A major component of the housing project will be the realignment of Kellogg Drive.

Kellogg Drive has served as the main entrance to campus for decades, but in its current form, it presents challenges as the university works to enhance its residential communities and reinvent itself as a place that’s friendly to pedestrians and alternative forms of transportation.

To further those efforts, the university is studying a proposal that would create a new Kellogg Drive to the east of the existing one. The new Kellogg Drive would start at the current intersection and run straight to its intersection with Red Gum Lane, unlike the old Kellogg Drive, which takes a meandering path to its destination.

This would achieve both of the university’s goals. With Kellogg Drive no longer running adjacent to the Residential Suites, it will be possible to add freshman housing to what was once pastureland, creating a larger and more vibrant residential community. The realignment will also move vehicle traffic further away from the core of campus, which will create a more walkable environment that’s also friendly to bicyclists.

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