Meal Plans

General Information

Resident dining provides you with plenty of food choices that fit your needs and your lifestyle. All combination plans include meals in the award-winning Los Olivos Dining Commons, plus options to dine in the University's other nationally known eateries. Whatever you're hungry for - a salad, a sandwich, or a cooked-to-order entree - you'll find it in the all-you-care to eat buffet at Los Olivos Dining Commons. Or, if you are in a hurry, you can use your meal plan to eat at several campus eateries. Dining areas are located on campus and are within a short walking distance of the residential community.

Meal Plan Options- Halls Residents

On the License Agreement, you will have the opportunity to choose one of three meal options. Residence Hall students are required to choose either the 19, 14, or 10 meal option.

A meal option enables you to take advantage of a special community way of life, which includes quality food choices and a friendly dining atmosphere. Enjoy "Great Food With Great Friends!" Foundation Dining Services, which manages all food operations on campus, provides this special environment along with varied, nutritious meal options.


Each meal option provides you with quarterly allocation of Meal Points to be used at all participating campus cafes, food courts, convenience stores on campus. In choosing the meal option that is appropriate for your needs, please keep in mind that all meals on the meal option must be used at Los Olivos Dining Commons, the all-you-care-to-eat dining facility located in the heart of the residence hall complex. It is the Meal Points that you will use on-campus at other food service areas or you can use them to bring a friend to Los Olivos.

1.  "Daily Diner"- 19-Meal Option + $125.00 in Meal Points per quarter (for 2018-19: $185 in Meal Points per Semester)

The Daily Diner is the best value and gives you flexibility when you need it or want it. You get 3 meals each weekday with brunch and dinner on the weekends. You can take advantage of all the theme and special dinners planned each quarter or choose to use your Meal Points for grab-n-go if your schedule gets too hectic. 

2.  "Casual Diner"- 14-Meal Option + $125.00 in Meal Points per quarter (for 2018-19: $185 in Meal Points per Semester)

You choose which 14 of the 19 meals you want to enjoy. Then, use your Meal Points at campus dining locations to complete your balanced meal option. It's a good choice for those who regularly leave campus on the weekends. 

3.  "Drop-In Diner"- 10-Meal Option + $125.00 in Meal Points per quarter  (for 2018-19: $185 in Meal Points per Semester)

Choose any 10 of the 19 meals offered each week. The Drop-in Diner is great for those with erratic schedules needing maximum flexibility. This option offers you the choice ... to enjoy a healthy salad or home-style dinner one-day and grab a quick bite across campus the next. 

Meal Plan Options- Suites Residents

Residents living Residential Suites are required to choose a meal plan. They may choose from the three meal plans listed above for halls residents or one of four Meal Point Plans below.

The four Meal Point plans are the Premium, Standard, Minimum, and Value Combo. These plans consist of Meal Points (dollars), allowing you to spend your dollars at any of the eateries on campus. Meal Point plans give you the flexibility to eat at any of the participating campus cafes and food courts, including the Denny’s located at the Residential Suites. Meal points may also be used to purchase food-on-the-go at any of the campus convenience stores, including the Farm Store. Meal points are valid for the period of the contract term. Unused meal points at the end of one quarter carry over to the next quarter, with the exception of Spring, which is considered the end of the contract period. All remaining meal points at the end of Spring are forfeited. Unused meal points are forfeited (not refunded) if the licensee cancels prior to the end of the contract period.

Academic Year 2017-18 Plans:

1. "Premium Bonus Plan"- $950.00 in Meal Points per quarter

2.  "Standard Bonus Plan"- $850.00 in Meal Points per quarter

3.  "Minimum Bonus Plan"- $750.00 in Meal Points per quarter 

4.  "Value Combo Bonus Plan"- $500.00 in Meal Points plus 30 Meals (at Los Olivos) per quarter.


Academic Year 2018-19 Plans:

1. "Premium Bonus Plan"- $1,500.00 in Meal Points per semester

2.  "Standard Bonus Plan"- $1,350.00 in Meal Points per semester

3.  "Minimum Bonus Plan"- $1,200.00 in Meal Points per quarter 

4.  "Value Combo Bonus Plan"- $750.00 in Meal Points plus 45 Meals (at Los Olivos) per semester.

Meal Plan FAQs

MANAGE MY ID - Manage your own meal plan account!

Using Manage My ID you will be able to check your meal plan and bonus dollar balances, view your transaction history, report a lost or stolen card and add Bronco Bucks. To begin using this service, you will log in using your Bronco ID number and set up a password. Have your Bronco Card available when you first set up your account. From then on, you just log on and use your password to begin accessing and monitoring your account. Use this link to Manage My ID.

Need Assistance with your Meal Card? Please contact:
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