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Hall Meal Plans

On the License Agreement, you will have the opportunity to choose one of the meal options. Residence Hall students are required to choose either the 19, 14, or 10 meal option.

A meal option enables you to take advantage of a special community way of life, which includes quality food choices and a friendly dining atmosphere. Enjoy "Great Food With Great Friends!" Foundation Dining Services, which manages all food operations on campus, provides this special environment along with varied, nutritious meal options.

Three Meal Options To Fit Your Busy Schedule

Each meal option provides you with quarterly allocation of Meal Points to be used at all participating campus cafes, food courts, convenience stores on campus. In choosing the meal option that is appropriate for your needs, please keep in mind that all meals on the meal option must be used at Los Olivos Dining Commons, the all-you-care-to-eat dining facility located in the heart of the residence hall complex. It is the Meal Points that you will use on-campus at other food service areas or you can use them to bring a friend to Los Olivos.

1.  "Daily Diner" (Meal Option A)

19-Meal Option + $125.00 in Meal Points per quarter

The Daily Diner is the best value and gives you flexibility when you need it or want it. You get 3 meals each weekday with brunch and dinner on the weekends. You can take advantage of all the theme and special dinners planned each quarter or choose to use your Meal Points for grab-n-go if your schedule gets too hectic.

2.  "Casual Diner" (Meal Option B)

14-Meal Option + $125.00 in Meal Points per quarter

You choose which 14 of the 19 meals you want to enjoy. Then, use your Meal Points at campus dining locations to complete your balanced meal option. It's a good choice for those who regularly leave campus on the weekends.

3.  "Drop-In Diner" (Meal Option C)

10-Meal Option + $125.00 in Meal Points per quarter

Choose any 10 of the 19 meals offered each week. The Drop-in Diner is great for those with erratic schedules needing maximum flexibility. This option offers you the choice ... to enjoy a healthy salad or home-style dinner one-day and grab a quick bite across campus the next.

Cash Pricing For Your Guests

  • Breakfast - $6.75 ($6.25 with BroncoBucks)
  • Lunch/Brunch - $8.00 ($7.50 with BroncoBucks)
  • Dinner - $9.00 ($8.50 with BroncoBucks)

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