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Theme Living Communities


Live and learn at Cal Poly Pomona with Themed Communities. Themed communities are groups of residents with common majors, interests, and goals, who live in the same area. 

How do I Join?

Signing up for a themed living community is as easy as clicking a button. When filling out your housing application, select the appropriate community under this menu. You may change your building/theme selection any time prior to being assigned a room.


                       Screen Capture of Building/Theme Selection

Screen Capture of Building/Theme Selection

College Themed Communities

College Themed Communities (CTC) ties the academic experience with residence life. By joining CTC, residents will make friends with classmates, meet faculty and staff members, and attend exclusive CTC events.



College of Science

Palmitas Hall

College of Engineering

Palmitas Hall

College of Agriculture

Cedritos Hall

The Collins College of Hospitality Management

Cedritos Hall

College of Environmental Design

Encinitas Hall

Kellogg Honors College

Montecito Hall

College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences

Alamitos Hall

College of Education and Integrative Studies

Alamitos Hall

College of Business Administration

Aliso Hall

First Year, First Step (FYFS) sets freshman students up for success through a series of curated events. By participating in FYFS, residents will have access to social gatherings, educational programming, and exposure to leadership and involvement opportunities. 

Location: Vista de las Estrellas

Interest and Involvement Themed Buildings

Get involved outside of the classroom by living in one of our interest and involvement themed buildings. These communities offer special events based around the building theme, and an opportunity to make connections with like-minded people.



Campus Involvement

Vista Bonita

Academic Success

Vista del Sol

Social Justice and Diversity

Vista de las Montanas

Service Learning

Vista de la Luna

Center for Regenerative Studies

Riverfront and Sunspace, two passive solar residence halls, are located on the 16-acre site overlooking campus. The hillside setting offers a peaceful environment surrounded by natural scenery of water gardens and fruit bearing trees. The grounds also serve as a laboratory for both students interested in environmental issues and students minoring in Regenerative studies.

Location: Sunspace, Riverfront

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