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UHS Satellite Network Television

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University Housing Services has upgraded our broadcast infrastructure on campus; we are now broadcasting TV in Digital High Definition. In order to take advantage of this new upgrade, you will need a television with a QAM digital tuner. If you have an older TV, you may need to acquire a QAM digital tuner from an electronics store.
 Please consult your TV’s manual to search for all updated channels. 
 Below is a list of channels available.*
 Please contact your Residence Life Coordinator if you have any questions.

Channel Listing -

2.1          KCBS CBS

2.2          Decades
3.1          HGTV
4.1          KNBC NBC
4.2          Cozi TV
5.1          KTLA CW
5.2          Antenna TV
5.3          This TV
6.1          CNN
7.1          KABC ABC
7.2          LiveWell TV

7.3          Laff TV
8.1          MTV
9.1          KCAL
10.1        VH-1
11.1        KTTV Fox

11.4        H&I TV
12.1        MTV2
13.1        KCOP
13.2        Buzzer
13.3        Movies!
14.1        HBO East
15.1        HBO West
16.1        HBO Signature
17.1        HBO Comedy
18.1        Showtime East
19.1        Showtime 2 East
20 .1       Showtime Next East
21.1        Showtime Extreme
22.1        ESPN
23.1        ESPN2
24.1        ESPN News
25.1        ESPNU
26.1        Fox Sports West
27.1        SyFy
28.1        Food Network
29.1        Headline News
30.1        ION
31.1        CPP Campus Feed
32.1        CPP Campus Feed
33.1        BET
34.1        Univision

34.2        Uni Mas

34.3        Bounce

34.4        Justice
35.1        History Channel
36.1        E! Entertainment
37.1        Discovery
38.1        Lifetime
39.1        CSPAN 1
40.1        Freeform
41.1        Cartoon
42.1        Nickelodeon
43.1        Spike
44.1        A&E
45.1        Bravo
46.1        USA
47.1        Link TV
48.1        TBS
49.1        TruTV
50.1        KOCE – Local PBS
50.2        PBS Plus
50.3        Daystar TV
50.4        PBS World
51.1        MTVU
52.1        Telemundo
52.2        Telexitos
53.1        Cal Poly Channel
53.2        CSUDH Channel
53.3        CSULB Channel


Frequently Asked Questions -

What do I need to start watching cable television?

  • A coaxial cable.
  • A television with a QAM digital tuner.
  1. Connect the coax cable between your television and the wall jack.
  2. Power on your television.
  3. Run an "Auto-Program" or "Channel Scan", making sure that your TV is configured for "Cable TV" and "Digital", not "Antenna" or "Analog".
  4. Start watching!


I've run a channel scan. Why can't I pick up any channels?
University Housing Services recently transitioned to a digital cable TV system. It's possible that your television does not possess a QAM digital tuner and is unable to process the cable TV signal that is being delivered. (Prominent television manufacturers began including QAM tuners around 2006.)
Older televisions without QAM tuners will NOT work with the new cable television system.

What if my television doesn't have a QAM tuner built in?
If your television does not have a digital QAM tuner, you may be able to purchase a separate external tuner from a electronics store to convert the digital signal to analog. 


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