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Total Compensation Calculator

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We are pleased to provide you with the Total Compensation Calculator - Beyond Salary Tool.

This new calculator is an easy and convenient way for you to see the total value of your compensation package with the University.

How the Tool Works

You are asked to respond to a set of benefits and compensation-related questions. It is helpful to have your most recent paycheck statement of earnings and deductions (pay stub) handy, as it lists your dental plan (e.g., Delta II or PMI II), and your gross monthly pay. If you don't know your annual base salary, which the calculator will ask you for, just use your gross monthly pay figure off of your pay stub and multiply it by 12 months.

Once you input your information, the Total Compensation Calculator displays the CSU contributions made to each benefit plan, the total value of benefits, the total compensation (salary + benefits), and the total benefits as a percentage of salary. The Total Compensation Calculator also provides the estimated daily value of paid time off benefits.

So, if you want to see the significance of your CSU benefits package and how it is an important complement to your salary, visit the Total Compensation Calculator - Beyond Salary Tool link below:

CSU Total Compensation Calculator - Beyond Salary Tool