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Dental Program

For 2009, the CSU continues to offer eligible employees two dental plan coverage types: Delta Dental PPO, an indemnity plan; Delta Care USA, a pre-paid dental health maintenance association. Effective January 1, 2009, the dental premium rates will increase slightly. The premiums continue to be fully paid by the CSU.

Benefits Changes Effective 2009

New URL address for CSU Delta Dental PPO/DeltaCare USA website

Please note that URL address for the CSU Delta Dental PPO and DeltaCare USA Plans has been changed to: .


Implants Are Now Available in the Delta Dental PPO Plan

Beginning January 1, 2009, implants will be covered under the prosthodontic benefit level (50 percent) and will be subject to the plan's prosthodontic limitation (once every five years), as well as the plan's annual maximum and deductible. As an alternative to partial and full dentures and bridges, dental implants and related procedures offer enrollees and additional choice to replace lost teeth. Implant procedures include: Surgical placement of the implant (and removal, if necessary); implant-supported prosthetics (crowns); repairs and/or re-cementation.

Employees are encouraged to obtain a pre-determination of benefits from Delta Dental to determine Delta Dental's and the employees' share of the cost(s) relating to this service. Please note, this additional benefit is not available on the DeltaCare USA plan.

Frequency of Certain Dental Services Now Based on Calendar Year Cycle

Effective January 1, 2009, benefits for cleanings, examinations and bitewing x-rays will apply to a calendar year frequency rather than a rolling 12-month period. This means that any time during the calendar year, Delta Dental PPO and DeltaCare USA will pay for the following diagnostic and preventative: two examinations; two cleanings; two sets of bitewing x-rays for children under age 18 or one set of bitewing x-rays for adults age 18 or over.

When the new benefit period begins on January 1, 2009, any cleanings, examinations and/or bitewing x-rays that were paid for on behalf of the employee and/or eligible dependents in 2008, will not affect the enrollee's eligibility to receive those same services in 2009. For example, if an enrollee has a cleaning provided in November, 2008, that cleaning will not count as one of the two cleanings provided under the plan in 2009, even if the enrollee's first cleaning in 2009 is less than six months from the November 2008 cleaning.

With the new calendar method of determining the eligibility for these benefits, it will become easier for the employees to manage their dental care.